Joshua Dunlap

Joshua Dunlap

Joshua morphotyping French Guiana scarabs


Joshua Dunlap is an M.S. graduate student at Wichita State University in Kansas working in the Mary Liz Jameson lab. His research interests focus on biodiversity and biogeography with a particular interest in the assessment of tropical arthropod biodiversity through sampling surveys and alpha level taxonomy. He has had the opportunity to explore these interests through fieldwork in Peru, Panama, Florida, Washington, Nevada, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Texas. He is currently planning his graduate research which would consist of examining and documenting the scarabaeoid fauna of Hawaii with special attention to investigating the temporal and spatial distributions of those species. It is hoped that the project with encompass all native and adventive species with a particular focus on those of economic importance. Eventually the project will yield an interactive, online key and guide to the scarabaeoid fauna of the islands.


Joshua Dunlap
Department of Biological Sciences
Wichita State University
1845 Fairmount Wichita, KS
67260-0026  m USA


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