Jonathan Browne


Jonathan Browne in northern Laos, 2005.


Jonathan Browne is currently co-owner of a privately held management consulting firm based in Canada ( He has participated in government reform and environmental initiatives in Canada and elsewhere, mainly in Africa. Jonathan completed his bachelors degree (1989) at Carleton University, where he trained with Prof. Stewart Peck, followed by an M.Sc. cum laude (1991) and Ph.D. (1993), at the University of Pretoria, working with Prof. Clarke Scholtz and Dr. Jarmila Kukalová-Peck. Prior to entering the private sector in the mid-1990s, Jonathan lectured and held postdoctoral fellowships in Canada and South Africa. He is primarily interested in taxonomy, evolutionary biology and biogeography of insects, notably the evolution of the scarabaeoid wing and its contribution to unraveling the relationships among the higher scarbaeoid taxa, and the biogeography of West Indian beetles and amblypygids. He has contributed to numerous scientific articles, technical reports and books covering a wide range of topics including entomology, environmental management, planning and management.


Jonathan Browne
P.O. Box 4689, Station E
Ottawa, Ontario KiS 5H8


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