Jacques Baraud   1921-1992

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Jacques Baraud was a prolific worker with, primarily, the Palearctic scarabaeoid fauna. He was expert at writing regional monographs wherein he synthesized a comprehensive amount of knowledge about scarabs. He published Faune des Coléoptères Scarabaeoidea de l'Europe Occidentale in 1977, Faune de France: Lucanoidea et Scarabaeoidea in 1982 (with Renaud Paulian), Coléoptères Scarabaeoidea du Nord de l'Afrique in 1985, and Coléoptères Scarabaeoidea d'Europe in 1992. In addition, he published many other papers on scarabs.


Girard, C. 1993. In memoriam: Jacques Baraud (1921-1992). Revue Française d'Entomologie (N.S.) 15: 24.


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