István Rozner


István Rozner


István Rozner was born in 1936 in Budapest, Hungary. His interest in coleopterology was kindled early by his natural history teacher. He  matriculated in the Petöfi Sándor Gimnázium (Budapest). In addition to Scarabaeoidea, he is also interested in Chrysomelidae, Histeridae and Silphidae. He participated in numerous collecting expeditions to Georgia, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Algeria, the Canary Islands, Spain, the countries of the Balkan, and Australia. In the 1980s he focused his research on Transylvania and its beetle fauna, with special attention to Scarabaeoidea. István Rozner also participated in a number of important faunistic projects in various Hungarian national parks, and he is known as one of the most active Hungarian coleopterists at present. He is a member of the Hungarian Entomological Society (since 1971) and a member of its Executive Committee since 1982. For his coleopterological achievements, he was awarded the Society’s Frivaldszky Medal in 1986. He is editor of the Entomological Herald (Rovarász Híradó, the newsletter of the Hungarian Entomological Society) since its formation in1989. He was invited to join the Romanian Entomological Society in 1997. He maintains a large Coleoptera collection, and after his retirement from the Hungarian Natural History Museum in 2005, he continues his entomological work privately.


Several insects were named in his honour: Omaloplia rozneri Ádám, 1995 (Coleoptera, Melolonthidae, Sericinae), Bryodaemon rozneri Podlussány, 1998 (Coleoptera, Curculionidae), and Bracon rozneri Papp, 1998 (Hymenoptera, Braconidae).



István Rozner


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