Hao Huang  


Hao Huang with his son, Spring 2008.

Hao HUANG was previously a teacher at Qingdao Education College and interested in Lepidoptera. He has described more than 50 new species of Chinese butterflies. He is now studying at Shanghai Normal University, and his current interests are Lucanidae of China. He has described five new species of Lucanidae from China. He is also interested in traveling and has been to Tibet eight times.




Shanghai Normal University

100 # Guilin Road




EMAIL: cmdhhxx@hotmail.com


HUANG H. 2006 New descriptions and notes on Chinese stag-beetles, with discovery of the second species of Noseolucanus from SE Tibet. Coleoptera 10: 11-34.


HUANG H., BI W.-X. and LI L.-Z. 2009 Discovery of a second species of Aesalini from continental China, with description of the new species and its third instar larva. Zootaxa 2069: 18-42.


HUANG H. and CHEN C.-C. 2009 Notes on the morphology, taxonomy, and natural history of the genus Platycerus Geoffroy from China, with the description of a new species. Zootaxa 2087: 1-36.

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