Guido Sabatinelli


Guido Sabatinelli


Guido Sabatinelli is an Italian entomologist. His principal interests are Scarabaeoidae pleurosticti from the Palaearctic and Oriental Regions, and he is now focusing on Melolonthinae and Glaphyridae of the Near East where he lives. With the collaboration of several
colleagues, he has developed a specific website dedicated to the Scarabaeoidae of this area, called the Levant:

Working for the United Nations as a health expert, he travels extensively. After being resident for four years in Sudan, he is
presently posted in Amman, Jordan in a regional position covering Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.He is now very passionate about the Glaphyridae. which are abundant in the Levant, and he hopes to contribute to their knowledge.

Since since 1974 he has published about 50 scinetific papers that can
be seen and download at:

  Guido Sabatinelli


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