Georg Frey   1902-1976

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Georg Frey was a dedicated and prolific worker with the Scarabaeidae, and he published primarily on the groups Melolonthinae and Rutelinae. As a wealthy businessman, Frey was able to create (in 1950) his own Coleoptera museum, the Museum G. Frey, which has long been recognized as the world's largest and most extensive private collection of beetles. Its scientific value is equal to that of many of the world's largest museums. Frey also began the journal Entomologische Arbeiten aus dem Museum G. Frey. It was published in 56 volumes, and the last one was published in December 1987. Georg Frey spent nearly 50 years collecting and amassing a collection of approximately 150,000 species (!) of beetles, and 20,000 of those are types! Part of the museum's three million specimens were collected during 36 expeditions to all parts of the world, with a number of them led by Frey himself. Scarab beetles, especially the Melolonthinae and Rutelinae, are well represented in the museum's collections.

The Frey collection resided in exquisite collections facilities at the Zoologische Staatssammlung in Munich for several years after Frey's death. After a somewhat acrimonious battle over possession of the collection, it was moved to the Naturhistorisches Museum Basel in Switzerland in 1996.


Scherer, G. 1976. Dr. h. c. Georg Frey. Die Entomologie war sein Leben 1902-1976. Entomologische Arbeiten aus dem Museum G. Frey 27: vii-xxii.


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