G. Asha


G. Asha

  I am a Ph.D. graduate in Zoology from Central University of Kerala, India. My research was on Molecular Phylogeny and Spatiotemporal Variation of Dung beetles in Different Tropical Habitats of India. Currently I am a Post Doctoral Fellow at Zoological Survey of India. I am interested in Scarabaeinae ecology, community ecology of insects and plant-animal interactions.


Asha G, Ph.D
Post Doctoral Fellow
DNA Barcode Lab
Southern Regional Centre
Zoological Survey of India
#130, Santhome High Road
Chennai-600 028
Tamil Nadu, INDIA

EMAIL: ashagkoppal@gmail.com


G. Asha, K. Manoj, T.P. Rajesh, Sangeetha Varma, Prashanth Ballullaya U, Palatty
Allesh Sinu (2022) Dung beetles prefer used land over natural greenspace in urban
landscape. Scientific Reports. 12:22179.

G. Asha, Palatty Allesh Sinu (2022) Molecular phylogeny of Onthophagini (Coleoptera:
Scarabaeidae) on the dung beetle fauna of the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot.
Current Science. 122 (5): 623-628.

G. Asha, K. Manoj, P.P. Megha, Palatty Allesh Sinu (2021) Spatiotemporal effects on
dung beetle activities in a tropical lowland: effect of habitat, season, and diel periods.
Scientific Reports. 11:17398.

G. Asha, K.K. Navya, T.P. Rajesh, Palatty Allesh Sinu (2021) Roller dung beetles of
dung piles suggest habitats are alike, but that of guarding pitfall traps suggest habitat are
different. Journal of Tropical Ecology. 37: 209-213.

G. Asha and Palatty Allesh Sinu (2020) DNA barcode and phylogenetic analysis of dung
beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) from the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot, India.
International Journal of Tropical Insect Science. 41: 1419-1425.


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