Gilbert J. Arrow   1873-1948

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Gilbert Arrow published over 100 papers on scarabaeoids during his career. He is probably best known for his four volume work on lamellicorns in the Fauna of British India and his synoptic book on Horned Beetles.  Although trained as an architect, he gave this up after five years to obtain a position on the staff of the Department of Zoology of the Natural History Museum in London in 1896.  From this time on until his death, he devoted himself to the study of beetles, especially scarabs.  He retired in 1938 at the mandatory age of 65 but continued to do volunteer work in the museum to within a few weeks of his death.  His work for the museum, especially during the war years, was invaluable, and he was considered imperturbable, even when badly cut by flying glass when a flying bomb fell outside the museum.   His very broad range of scarab papers was foundational for many of today's studies.


Bacchus, M.E.  1974.  A catalogue of the type-specimens of the Cetoniinae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) described by G. J. Arrow with a complete bibliography of his entomological works.  Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History)(Entomology) 31: 25-44.

Blair, K. G.  1948.  Obituary.  Gilbert John Arrow.  Entomologists Monthly Magazine 84: 264.


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