Friedrich Ohaus   1864-1946

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Friedrich Ohaus.
Image courtesy of Reinhard
Gaedike, German Entomological
Institute, Eberswalde.

Friedrich Ohaus was a pre-eminent German entomologist who published over 170 papers on scarabaeoids. The vast majority of these concerned the taxonomy of Rutelinae. Because of his voluminous and ground-breaking research on ruteline taxonomy, he is often referred to as the "Father of Rutelinae." He wrote the Coleopterorum Catalogus volume on Rutelinae and developed the modern classification of the subfamily Rutelinae that (with some modifications) is still used today.

Ohaus was a student of Edgar von Harold and later a practicing medical doctor. His medical training allowed him to travel to South America three times in the capacity of ship's doctor. While in South America, he collected extensively and made unprecedented observations on the biology and development of scarabs. His expeditions were August 1898 - March 1899 (Brazil, especially Petropolis); August 1904 - April 1906 (Ecuador, travelling over the Cordilleras from Rio Villano to Cururay and Napo to Iquitos and then down the Amazon to Para, Brazil); and 1926 (Brazil: So Paulo, Porto Epitacio, Itatiya). He was the president (1910, 1914) and editor (1911-1913) of Deutsche Entomologische Gesellschaft in Berlin. After WWI and until his death he was a scientific assistant at the Natural History Museum in Mainz. Most of his collection now resides in the Museum fr Naturkunde in Berlin.


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