Everardo Grossi

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Everardo Grossi (right) with his son, Paschoal Grossi.
Photo by Moacyr Alvarenga.

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Paschoal Grossi, Moacyr Alvarenga and Everardo Grossi (left to right). 
Photo by Ayr Bello.


Everardo Grossi is a clinical pathologist who works in his free time on Dynastinae. He is very interested in the tribe Agaocephalini and is currently describing several species in the genera Agaocephala and Brachysiderus. He has an exaustive collection of Neotropical dynastines, which is an important source for those working on this group of scarabs. Everardo lives in a small finca in Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil, surounded by Atlantic Rainforest remnants. His published works include the description of Dynastes hercules paschoali (after his son Paschoal, who works on lucanids) and the rediscovery of Agaocephala (now Aegopsis) bolbocerida in central Brazil.

Information courtesy of Fernando Vaz-de-Mello.

Caixa Postal 96887
Nova Friburgo RJ 28610-974

Email: everardogrossi@globo.com

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