Eulàlia Gassó


Eulàlia with fruit trap and cetoniids in Vietnam.


Eulàlia Gassó is Curator of the Coleoptera collection of Naturalis, the National Museum of Natural History in Leiden, The Netherlands. She is mainly working on Cetoniidae, a group very well represented in the museum collection, with a special interest in the taxonomy and biology of the South East Asian cetonids. She is involved in several curatorial projects, including the creation of a specimen database and cataloging the types of the Cetoniidae collection in Naturalis. Gassó also actively participates in the scientific expeditions organized by Naturalis and its counterparts in South East Asia, especially in Vietnam, trying to collect and study the elusive cetonids.


Dr. Eulàlia Gassó i Miracle
Curator of Coleoptera
Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum. Naturalis
Postbus 9517
2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands
TEL: +31 71 5687553
FAX: +31 71 5687666
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