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Dominik VondracekDominik Vondráček in Naturmuseum Senckenberg (Frankfurt, Germany). Photo by Zuzka

Dominik Vondráček is a PhDstudent at the Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic)
working under the supervision of Petr Šípek as well as a full time researcher in the National Museum in Prague (Czech Republic), where he works in the molecular lab in the Department of Entomology. His main research interests are evolution and systematics of Cetoniinae (worldwide) including taxonomy, phylogeny, and phylogeography of chosen groups in the Palaearctic region (e.g., Oxythyrea, Protaetia) using a wide spectrum of data such as DNA sequences, morphology of adults and larvae, as well as ecological data.

Dominik is also collaborating with other teams dealing with the evolution of Hydrophilidae (Martin Fikáček) and using convolutional neural networks for automatic identification of insects (Miroslav Valan). He is a co-organizer of the "Immature Beetles meeting“, a bi-annual get-together of workers dealing with larvae of Coleoptera.

Mgr. Dominik Vondráček
Department of Entomology
Cirkusová 1740
CZ-193 00 Praha 9 - Horní Počernice

TEL: +420 224 497 884


Vondráček D., Tkoč M., Fikáček M. (2018): Is repeated permethrin fumigation dangerous for
DNA in dry insect samples? Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae (accepted).

Valan M., Makonyi K., Maki A., Vondráček D., Ronquist F. (2018): Automated Taxonomic
Identification of Insects with Expert-Level Accuracy Using Effective Feature Transfer from
Convolutional Networks. Systematic Biology (accepted).

Fikáček M., Liang W.-R., Hsiao Y., Jia F., Vondráček D. (2018): Biology and morphology of
immature stages of banana-associated Protosternum beetles, with comments on the status
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Vondráček D., Hadjiconstantis M., Šípek P. (2018): Immature stages of the genus Oxythyrea
(Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae) with a key to third instar larvae, and notes on the
biology of the genus. Zootaxa 4486(4): 401–434.

Szczepanski W.T., Vondráček D., Seidel M., Wardhaugh C., Fikáček M. (2018): High diversity
of Cetiocyon beetles (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae) along an elevational gradient on Mt.

Wilhelm, New Guinea, with new records from the Bird's Head Peninsula. Arthropod
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Vondráček D., Fuchsová A., Ahrens D., Král D., Šípek P. (2018): Phylogeography and DNA-
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Protaetia (Potosia) cuprea species complex (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae) in the
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Hlaváč P., Vondráček D., Mohagan A.B. (2018): A new species of the genus Colilodion
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Zootaxa 4370(5): 562–568.

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Angus R. B., Jia F., Chen Z., Zhang Y., Vondráček D., Fikáček M. (2016): Taxonomy, larval
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(Coleoptera: Hydrophiloidea). Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 56(1): 109–148.

Fikáček M, Maruyama M., Komatsu T., Beeren von C., Vondráček D., Short A. E. Z. (2015):
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described for the first time: a review of the myrmecophilous genus Sphaerocetum.
Invertebrate Systematics 29: 23–36.

Fikáček M., Vondráček D. (2014): A review of Pseudorygmodus (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae),
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Vendl T., Vondráček D., Kubáň V., Šípek P. (2014): Immature stages of Taenioderini
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Fikáček M., Minoshima Y., Vondráček D., Gunter N., Leschen R. A. B. (2013): Morphology of
adults and larvae and integrative taxonomy of Gondwanan genera Tormus and Afrotormus
(Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae). Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 53: 75–126.

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