Donald B. Thomas

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Don Thomas


Don Thomas is a career Research Entomologist with the USDA Agricultural Research Service. His investigative responsibilities involve ecology and host associations of cattle fever ticks in the permanent quarantine zone along the Texas-Mexico border. He also provides expertise to the fruit fly eradication program jointly run by the USDA-APHIS and the Texas Dept. of Agriculture in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Don has also developed expertise in the taxonomy of stink bugs (Pentatomidae), the bionomics of livestock insects, and the ecology of desert tenebrionids. An avocational interest in the Scarabaeidae has resulted in avid collecting and becoming an aficionado of scarab beetle diversity. His 1993 paper in the Coleopterists Bulletin on the scarab diversity of forests in Chiapas, Mexico won the Outstanding Paper of the Year Award from the Coleopterists Society.


USDA Cattle Fever Tick Research Lab
22675 N. Moorefield Road, Moore Air Base
Edinburg, TX 78541, USA

TEL: (956) 205-7694


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