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David Robacker



David Robacker is a Research Entomologist with the USDA Agricultural Research Service.  His professional studies include chemical ecology and behavior of Anastrepha fruit flies, including development of traps and lures to control these pest insects.  A lifelong Lepidopterist and adventurer, he has explored remote areas of Mexico and Central and South America where he has collected numerous country records, discovered new species, and rediscovered species thought lost to extinction. Many specimens from his butterfly collection are featured on the website mariposasmexicanas.com. He has also aided identification of butterflies on another website neotropicalbutterflies.com.

Recently introduced to Chrysina, he has become an avid collector of these beautiful and fascinating scarabs.  He and Karen, his wife and skilled nature photographer, hope to continue visiting, collecting insects, and photographing the inhabitants of Neotropical forests for science and the pure joy that comes with experiencing our Earth’s natural treasures. 


David C. Robacker
2413 E. Highway 83, Bldg. 200
Weslaco, Texas  78596

EMAIL:  dcrobacker@wildblue.net

TEL:  (956) 447-6320 (work);  (956) 565-2005 (home)


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