Daniel Juřena


Daniel Juřena in the field near Tatárszentgyörgy (Central Hungary) in 2014.



Daniel Juřena is interested in the study of the superfamily Scarabaeoidea within Europe. His
main interests include faunistics, zoogeography and bionomy, in particular of Aphodiinae and Bolboceratinae. Since 1994 he has been engaged in faunistic research in Central Europe, especially in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. He collaborated mainly with Aleš Bezděk, David Král, Václav Týr, and † Jan Vitner. The results of his faunistic research were published in Klapalekiana, the journal of the Czech Entomological Society. In the years of
2008–2016, he conducted research on the endangered European earth-borer beetle
Bolbelasmus unicornis with the focus on reviewing its distribution and knowledge of its bionomy, and published the results of this research in ZooKeys in 2022. Daniel Juřena has been a member of the Czechoslovak/Czech Entomological Society since 1992.


Daniel Juřena

EMAIL: aphodius@seznam.cz






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13 countries and observations on its bionomy. ZooKeys 1105: 1–125.


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