Carl Gustav von Mannerheim 1804-1854


Carl Gustav
von Mannerheim


Count Mannerheim, noble by birth and wealthy by inheritance, was possibly the greatest figure of the old Russian school of coleopterology. His first paper was published in 1823, and his last was published in 1854. He described many new taxa of beetles, and some of them were scarabs. He continued to describe new species even during his lengthy term as governor of Finland. He died during a visit to Stockholm to inspect the Schönherr collection. He had a very large library, and it remains in the museum in Helsingfors.  Although he was never in U. S. territory, he had scientific men collecting for him. He published the Coleopterous Fauna of California, which included descriptions of 300 species. He described 21 American genera and 244 American species, and the types of most still exist.


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