Carl H. Boheman 1796-1868


Carl H Boheman


Boheman was a Swedish naturalist and in the military. He worked with all kinds of insects and described mostly South African scarabs in Insecta Caffraria Annis 1838-1845 a J.A. Wahlberg Collecta. Coleoptera (1848-57) but also other scarabs from the world-spanning Eugenie expedition in Kongliga Svenska Fregatten Eugenies Resa omkring Jorden under befäl af C.A. Virgin 1851-1853 (1858). Born in Jönköping, he was mostly based in the province of Västergötland during his military work. From 1837 he was stationed in Stockholm, where he started working at the entomology department of the Natural History Museum; he was appointed head of the department in 1841. He was a tireless collector with a large number of expeditions in Scandinavia between 1832-1867. His collection remains in the Stockholm museum.


Information courtesy of Mattias Forshage, Uppsala University, Sweden.

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