Bogdan Vasko

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Photo: Bogdan Vasko

Bogdan is beginning his studies of the morphology of adults, larvae, and pupae and the systematics of Cetoniinae, Trichiinae, and some Rutelinae of the Palaearctic region.









  Bogdan Vasko
Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology
Str. B. Khmelnits`kogo, 15
Kiev - 30, MSP, 01601

Home Address:
Str. V. Pik`a, 10, ap. 3004111
Kiev – 111

TEL: 8(044)427-04-68

Vasko B.N. 2005. On the find of the rare species of Scarabaeoidea (Coleoptera) in the territories of the Rightbank, Ukraine. Abstracts of Scientific Conference Dedicated to the Memory of the Member-Correspondent of NAS of Ukraine, Dr. Biol. Sci., Professor V.G. Dolin (Lvov, 15-19 August 2005). Lvov: Edit. of the Nation. Natur. Museum of NAS of Ukraine, pp. 48-49 (in Russian).

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