Bert Kohlmann

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Bert Kohlmann


Bert Kohlmann conducts research on the systematics, ecology, and biogeography of Costa Rican dung and carrion beetles (in conjunction with Angel Solís, INBio); systematics, ecology, biogeography, and phylogeny of  the genus Scatimus (in conjunction with F. Génier); systematics, ecology, biogeography, and phylogeny of the genus Ateuchus and Dichotomius and Central American dung and carrion beetles; ecology and distribution of Digitonthophagus gazella in North and Central America; conservation and characterization of tropical biodiversity using dung and carrion beetles as a model; dung and carrion beetle biogeography; characterization of dung and carrion beetle allomones (in conjunction with Joe Polacco); insect population genetics and allozyme analyses; crystallization in outer space of medicinal substances from extracts of tropical organisms (in conjunction with NASA); and tropical agroecology (in conjunction with the University of Georgia).

Dr. Bert Kohlmann
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San Jose

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