Bruce Douglas Gill

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Bruce Gill with two field assistants at Caparu on the Río Apaporis in the
Colombian Amazon, November 1995.
Photo by Sacha Spector.


Bruce Douglas Gill is an identification and regulatory entomologist with the Ontario Plant Labs, Canadian Food Inspection Agency. During office hours, Bruce identifies insects, mites, and terrestrial molluscs from Canada and the rest of the world in support of the plant health and quarantine programs of the C.F.I.A. After hours, he continues a life-long interest in the Scarabaeoidea initiated at the age of 8 when he stumbled across a Polyphylla decemlineata racing through the streets of Vancouver. His main interests lie in the taxonomy, systematics and ecology of dung beetles and other detritus-feeding scarabs. An avid field biologist, he has travelled extensively in Latin America with occasional forays into Africa and Asia. Long-term research projects include revision of the species-rich Neotropical genera Canthidium and Uroxys, and ecological studies comparing dung beetle assemblages in Old World and New World tropical forests. He also keeps busy providing taxonomic support to various biodiversity and conservation projects utilizing scarabs in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America.

Entomology Unit, Ontario Plant Laboratories
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Building 18, C.E.F.
960 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, CANADA
K1A 0C6

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