Broox Boze

Broox Boze
Broox Boze,
Amboseli Game Reserve, Kenya, November 2011.

I am generally interested in how parasites modify the behavior of their intermediate host animals. Given the importance of dung beetles in parasite suppression/transmission, agricultural management, and soil health, they provide a unique opportunity for exploring behaviors that have the potential to be ecologically relevant. We know that nematode parasites living in the hemocoel of dung beetles tend to reduce both feeding and reproductive provisioning behavior carried out by their host. Because the feeding and dung burying behaviors of dung beetles are greatly reduced when infected by nematode parasites, I am interested in measuring the indirect ecological affects and quantifying both the beetle and parasites role as ecosystem engineers.


Broox Boze
1300 W Stuart St Apt 8
Fort Collins, Colorado 80526 U.S.A.



Boze, B.G.V. 2012. Dung Beetles and Their Nematode Parasites as Ecosystem Engineers and Agents of Disease. Doctoral Dissertation. ProQuest Publication Number 3509605.

Boze, B.G.V., Hernandez, A.D., Huffman, M.A. and Moore, J. 2011. Parasites and dung beetles as ecosystem engineers in a forest ecosystem. Journal of Insect Behavior. DOI: 10.1007/s10905-011-9305-5.

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