Alan Mudge

Alan Mudge and friends at the
VI Reunión Latinoamericana de
Scarabaeoidología, 2004, EARTH
University, Costa Rica.
Photo by B. C. Ratcliffe


Alan Mudge is an Entomologist Emeritus with the Oregon Department of Agriculture (Insect Pest Prevention and Management). While at ODA, he planned, implemented, and supervised insect survey, eradication, and regulatory activities for gypsy moth, Japanese beetle, and exotic woodborers among others. When not chasing various insect pests at work, he could often be found chasing scarabs in his spare time. His primary interest is the subfamily Cetoniinae, and he has traveled extensively including Mexico, Malaysia, South Africa, Namibia, Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia, Guinea, Panama, and Vietnam in search of them. He curates a personal collection of ca. 950 species (and growing) and is always interested in making contact and exchanging specimens with other collectors.


Alan Mudge
Entomologist Emeritus
Insect Pest Prevention and Management
Oregon Department of Agriculture
635 Capitol St. NE Salem, Oregon, 97301-2532



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