Adriano Mazziotta


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Adriano Mazziotta searching for dung beetles
in an alpine pasture


Adriano Mazziotta is interested in ecology and biogeography of Scarabaeoidea. He collaborates with Prof. G. M. Carpaneto at Roma Tre University. He is conducting ecological studies on dung beetle communities that include trophic preferences, spatial and temporal changes in species richness and composition, and relations with abiotic parameters (altitude, longitude, latitude). He is also working on saproxylic species such as hermit beetles ( Osmoderma sp.) and stag beetles.
Adriano is currently interested in three main issues: (1) rarefaction processes involving roller dung beetles in Italy at regional and local scales; (2) geographic variation of scarab beetle faunas throughout Europe; and (3) abundance and diversity in scarab dung beetle communities


Dr. Adriano Mazziotta
Home: Circonvallazione Gianicolense
344 - 00152 Roma

Laboratory: C/O Professor G. M. Carpaneto
Dipartimento di Biologia
Università degli Studi "Roma Tre"
Viale G. Marconi, 446 - 00146 Roma

TEL: ++39 06 55176328
FAX: ++39 06 55176321

Carpaneto, G. M., Mazziotta A . and Piattella E., 2005. Changes in food resources and conservation of scarab beetles: from sheep to dog dung in a green urban area of Rome (Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea). Biological Conservation 123:547-556.

Carpaneto, G. M., Mazziotta A ., Vigna Taglianti A., 2006. Ricerche preliminari sui Coleotteri del Monumento naturale "Palude di Torre Flavia". In , Battisti C. (ed.) Biodiversità, gestione, conservazione in un'area umida residuale: la Palude di Torre Flavia. Provincia di Roma (in press).

Carpaneto, G. M., Mazziotta A ., 2006. Ricerche preliminari sui Coleotteri Lamellicorni della Riserva Naturale di Monte Catillo. In Guidi A. (ed.) Flora, vegetazione e fauna della Riserva Naturale di Monte Catillo. Provincia di Roma (in press).

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