Antonio Martinez 1922-1993


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Antonio Martinez about 1982.
Photo by Henry Howden.


Antonio Martinez was South America's most prolific worker on scarab beetles, and he produced a large body of work. Although already retired, his career came to a premature end when both he and his wife were killed in an automobile accident in Bolivia while on a scientific excursion.

He worked as chief of the Catedra de Microbiologia y Parasitologia of the Universidad de Buenos Aires and as a Principal Investigator with the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas. After retirement, he worked as a volunteer with the Instituto de Investigaciones Entomologicas Salta (Argentina). He produced approximately 270 publications on medical entomology (Reduviidae and Culicidae), Meloidae, Ptinidae, Anobiidae, and Mutillidae, although the vast majority of his works dealt with scarabs.

His large collection was purchased by Henry Howden who is gradually transferring it to the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. Most of the Martinez's types remain in Argentina.


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