Al Gillogly

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Photo:  Where are the passalid logs!!
Al Gillogly collecting at El Llano-Carti Road, Panama, July 1994.
Photo by Brett C. Ratcliffe.


Al Gillogly is a specialist on the taxonomy, behavior, ecology, phylogeny, and biogeography of Passalidae.  Al retired from the U. S. military and recently completed his PhD degree at Texas A&M University.  His dissertation research was on the genus Popilius.  He plans to complete a revision of the genus after examining critical type material in Brazil.

Future projects include: (1) assisting/advising on a molecular phylogeny  of passalids, and working on a morphologically-based phylogeny of passalids, for comparison; (2) supplementing "Bess Beetles of Panama", by Reyes-Castillo & Castillo, 1992; (3) attempting to document the presence and diversity of passalids in tropical forests before they disappear; and (4) general collecting in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.


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