1935 Stout Scarab

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1935 Stout Scarab (front view)
photographed by
Michael Furman.


William B. Stout (1880-1956) is remembered in aviation for his part in the design of the famous Ford Tri-Motor "Tin Goose" and in automotive circles for the Scarab, nine of which were built. His credo "Simplicate. Add lightness" was reflected in the Scarab design by eliminating running boards (allowing a wider body interior), placing the engine in the rear and incorporating a smooth airflow body, based on unit construction (no frame as such).

Specifications: engine water-cooled V-8; bore 3-1/16 in., stroke 3-3/4 in., displacement 221 cu. in., modified to 100 hp. Suggested price new beginning at $5,000.
Accession no. 1996L01.