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  • Two flower chafers mating. Trigonopeltastes delta (Forster). Photo by Art Evans. width:320;;height:480
  • This shiny scarab belongs to the species Strigoderma arbicola (Fabricius).  Look at the ridges in its hard wings. Photo by Art Evans. width:640;;height:427
  • Look at the long antennal club of this scarab beetle of the species Nipponserica peregrina (Chapin). Photo by Art Evans. width:640;;height:427
  • The Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica Newman) was introduced by accident into the United States in 1916.  In Japan they are controlled by natural enemies, but in the United States they are plant pests.  Look how they are eating this leaf! width:640;;height:427
  • A beautiful specimen of the species Phileurus truncatus (Palisot de Beauvois).  Photo by Art Evans. width:640;;height:427
  • This is the stag beetle  Lucanus capreolus (Linneaus).  Look at the big mandibles!<br />Photo by Art Evans. width:640;;height:427
  • Other stag beetles also have large mandibles.  Dorcus parallelus (Say).  Photo by Art Evans. width:640;;height:427
  • This is the pupa and male of eastern Hercules beetle, Dynastes tityus (Linnaeus).  The pupa is the stage between the larva and the adult, like the chrysalis for a butterfly. Photo by Art Evans. width:640;;height:422
  • Dynastes tityus.  Look at the beautiful horns on the head and thorax.  Photo by Art Evans. width:640;;height:427
  • Some scarabs live in dirt tunnels or in animal burrows like this ant-loving scarab beetle, Cremastocheilus sp. <br />Photo by Art Evans. width:640;;height:427
  • A scarab from the genus Brachysternus, a metallic leaf chafer from Chile.<br />Photo by Federico Ocampo. width:640;;height:480
  • Diloboderus abderus, a small rhinoceros beetle from Argentina.<br />Photo from Flickr. width:350;;height:480
  • Dynastes hercules, the herecules beetle, from Central America.<br />Photo by Rene Limoges, Insectarium du Montreal. width:450;;height:299
  • Megasoma elephas, the elephant beetle, in Honduras.  Photo courtesy of Brett Ratcliffe. width:360;;height:479
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Special thanks to Art Evans and Brett Ratcliffe for
their photos and collaboration with this gallery.

Prepared by: Aura Paucar-Cabrera
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