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January 2003
The collecting trip took place in Mendoza, Neuquén, and San Juan provinces in Argentina from 2-19 January. Andrew Smith and Federico Ocampo with Argentinean collaborators Sergio Roig-Juñent, Gustavo Flores, and Guillermo Debandi (IADIZA, Mendoza) traveled through the Patagonian steppes, Araucaria and Nothofagus forests. A total of 32 genera of scarabaeoid beetles were taken from 29 collecting sites (many species constitute new country records for Argentina). Various collecting techniques were used: light trapping, beating sheets, flight intercept traps, and baited and unbaited pitfall traps. The material was preserved in ethylacetate and alcohol (for DNA studies).
Bolborhinum geotrupoides Chiasognathus jousselini
Patagonian steppes in Mendoza
Federico Ocampo in the Patagonian
steppes, South of Mendoza province

Federico Ocampo and Andrew Smith (right) at
Reserva Provincial Epulauquen, Neuquén.
Nothofagus forest at Lago Queñi,
Parque Nacional Lanin, Neuquén.
The group collecting at light at Lago
Tromen, Parque Nacinal Lanin, Neuquén
From left to right: Guillermo Debandi, Andrew Smith, Gustavo Flores,
Sergio Roig-Juñent, and Federico Ocampo at Parque Nacional Lanin, Neuquén.
The group in the Araucaria forest in Pino Achado, Neuquén

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