SOLA Scarab Workers Symposium 2010




Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting
San Diego, California
12 December 2010


1:00 Introduction. Andrew Smith, Canadian Museum of Nature

The Scarabs Newsletter - history & future. Barney Streit, Tucson, AZ

1:25 The Colorado scarab survey. Frank Krell, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

1:45 Untangling New World Melolonthinae classification: the saga continues. Andrew Smith, Canadian Museum of Nature

2:05 A combined morphological and molecular approach to a phylogenetic analysis of the tribe Cyclocephalini (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae). Dan Clark, Wichita State University

2:25 Disentangling the pollination biology and phenotypic variation in the Cyclocephala sexpunctata species complex (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae): An integrated approach. Matt Moore, Wichita State University

2:45 Break

3:20 Japanese beetles facilitate aggregation and injury by green June beetle, a native scarab pest of ripening fruits. Daniel A. Potter and Derrick L. Hammons, University of Kentucky

3:40 Natural enemies and site characteristics affecting distribution and abundance of native and invasive white grubs in turfgrass. Carl T. Redmond and Daniel A. Potter, University of Kentucky

4:00 Advances in the knowledge of the systematics of the American Cetoniini. Jesus Orozco, University of Nebraska

4:20 Kee Attracted Malang Dowahng in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand. Robert Sites, University of Missouri; George Gale, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi; and Paul Lago, University of Mississippi

4:30 News, announcements, and open discussion. Andrew Smith, Canadian Museum of Nature


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