SOLA Scarab Workers Symposium 2009




Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting
Indianapolis, Indiana
13 December 2009


1:30 Introduction. Brett Ratcliffe, University of Nebraska

Goliathus goliatus: one large larva, and its lowdown lifestyle. John Acorn, Murray Gingras, and Laurence Jayawardane, University of Alberta

1:55 Amazonian dung and carrion feeding scarabs: results of a 56 week sampling program. Brett Ratcliffe, University of Nebraska

2:15 Dung beetle diversity in the Guinean Forest of Ghana. Keith Philips, Western Kentucky University

2:35 Break

3:35 Long nights and jewel scarabs in Honduras. Ron Cave, University of Florida and David Hawks, University of California, Riverside

3:55 Flower scarabs: a medley of pollination stories. Mary Liz Jameson, University of Nebraska

Collecting giant scarabs in Amazonian Peru. Jung Jae Shin, Woodside, NY

4:35 News, announcements, and open discussion. Brett Ratcliffe, University of Nebraska


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