SOLA Scarab Workers Symposium 2008




Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting
Reno, Nevada
16 November 2008


1:30 Introduction. Andrew Smith, Canadian Museum of Nature

Gems, replicas, and dung balls: new scarab fossils from Africa, Asia, and Europe. Frank Krell, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

2:05 Solomon Island mysteries: Allometry, development, and variation in Chalcasthenes (Dynastinae). Mary Liz Jameson and Brett Ratcliffe, University of Nebraska

2:25 Phylogeny of Cremastocheilus : musings on morphology and myrmecophily. Glenè Mynhardt, The Ohio State University

2:45 A phenetic tour of the North American Cremastocheilini. Bill Warner, Chandler, AZ

3:05 Break

3:20 On Euphoria. Jesus Orozco, University of Nebraska

3:40 Nebraska scarabaeoids. M.J. Paulsen, University of Nebraska

A biotic survey and inventory of the dynastine scarab beetles of Mesoamerica, North America, and the West Indies: review of a long-term, multi-country project. Brett Ratcliffe, University of Nebraska and Ron Cave, University of Florida

4:20 News, announcements, and open discussion. Andrew Smith, Canadian Museum of Nature


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