SOLA Scarab Workers Symposium 2006




Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting
Indianapolis, Indiana
10 December 2006


1:30 Introduction. Andrew Smith, Canadian Museum of Nature

Frank T. Hovore, friend and colleague - In memoriam. David Carlson, Fair Oaks, California

1:55 Progress on a Phylogeny of Passalidae. Alan Gillogly, Texas A & M University

2:15 The role (roll) of dung beetles: Amazon rainforest disturbance, secondary seed dispersal, and reforestation. Kevina Vulinec, Delaware State University

2:35 Cetoniinae beetles from the Upper Guinean Forests of Ghana. Jesus Orozco, Western Kentucky University

2:55 Break

3:15 Biodiversity atlas of the Scarabaeinae of Costa Rica. Bert Kohlmann, EARTH University, Costa Rica

3:35 Phylogeny and systematics of the southern South American genus Pycnosiphorus (Lucanidae). Matt Paulsen, University of Nebraska

3:55 Toward a phylogeny of the Phyllophaga ... the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step (or maybe only fools go where wise men fear to tread). Paul S. Robbins, Cornell University and Maxi Polihronakis, University of Connecticut

4:15 Comparative phylogeography of dung beetles from the Australian Wet Tropics Rainforest. Karen Bell, Western Kentucky University; Craig Moritz, UC Berkeley; Adnan Moussalli, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa; and David Yeates, CSIRO Entomology, Australia

4:35 News, announcements, and open discussion. Andrew Smith, Canadian Museum of Nature


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