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Phylogenetics Workshop
1 7-19 April 2000
Mary Liz Jameson
As part of Team Scarab's NSF-PEET project, Dr. David Maddison visited the University of Nebraska and presented a short workshop on phylogenetics. The workshop was held 17-19 April 2000 at the University of Nebraska's New Media Center. The goal of the workshop was to provide participants with: 1) experience in the computer programs PAUP and MacClade and 2) a better understanding of the theoretical foundations of phylogenetics. Morphological and molecular data sets were discussed. The workshop included daily lecture and discussion as well as computer exercises using PAUP and MacClade.
Workshop participants gather to record history
(and breathe deeply after five hours on the computers!)
The New Media Center at UNL is equipped with 17 Macintosh G4 computer stations and an instructor computer with electronic projector. Even better, we had treats and coffee at the back of the room!


Workshop Presenter

Dr. David Maddison
Department of Entomology
University of Arizona Tucson, AZ 85721

FAX: (520) 621-1150
PH: (520) 621-9781

Dave Maddison sucking for Bembidion on the shores of Salt Creek in Nebraska.

Dr. Maddison is the co-author of the phylogenetics software MacClade and the accompanying manual on analysis of phylogeny, is an internationally respected carabid beetle systematist, is the author of several papers on phylogenetics theory and practice, is coordinator and editor for "The Tree of Life", is an incredible artist (see his carabid beetle illustrations, and is a member of the editorial board for the journal Biologie und Naturwissenschaft der Käfer.

The workshop was a grand success! Dr. Maddison did an outstanding job of conveying a huge amount of information in a short period time. All of the participants walked away from the workshop much more informed about methods and theories in phylogenetics.

Dave Maddison with the
"Fish Lab" participants.
Left to right: Gustavo Concheiro-Pérez,
Paul Bates, Dave Maddison,
Guillermo Orti, Sara Brant,
and Arjun Sivasunder.
Dave Maddison with Team Scarab. Top row, left to right: Andrew Smith, Dave Maddison, Gene Hall, Federico Ocampo, Brett Ratcliffe. Bottom row, left to right: Aura Paucar, Karla Villatoro, Mary Liz Jameson.




Dr. Alex Basolo

UNL Biology Fish
Paul Bates UNL Biology Botany
Sara Brant UNL Biology Mammals & Nematodes
Chris Cargill Southern Illinois University Botany
Gustavo Concheiro-Perez UNL Biology Fish
Dr. Jim Estes UNL Museum Botany
Dr. Scott Gardner UNL Museum Parasites
Gene Hall UNL Museum Beetles
Jeff Huebschman UNL Museum Mammals
Dr. Bob Hunt UNL Museum Vertebrate Fossils
Dr. Mary Liz Jameson UNL Museum Beetles
Dr. John Janovy UNL Biology Parasites
Dr. Don Jensen UNL Psychology Animalia
Dr. Juraj Krajcovic Comenius University, Slovak Republic Insects
Peter Mullin UNL Biology Nematodes
Federico Ocampo UNL Museum Beetles
Dr. Guillermo Orti UNL Biology Fish
Aura Paucar UNL Museum Beetles
Dr. Ken Pruess UNL Entomology Insects
Dr. Brett Ratcliffe UNL Museum Beetles
Agustin Ruiz UNL Biology Parasites
Lilian Saldana UNL Entomology Insects
Sherry Self Southern Illinois University Botany
Arjun Sivasunder UNL Biology Fish
Andrew Smith UNL Museum Beetles
Karla Villatoro UNL Museum Beetles

Web Sites on Systematics and Phylogeny

Phylogeny Programs (software resources for use in phylogenetics)

Tree of Life (information about phylogeny and biodiversity)

TreeBASE (a relational database of phylogenetic information)

Journey into Phylogenetic Systematics (a primer on cladistics methods,
implications, and uses)

The Phylogeny of Life (broad approach to evolution, fossils,
life history, morphology, and systematics)

Concepts in Phylogeny (Tree of Life Page) (a primer in phylogeny including a glossary and information about phylogeny and classification)

The Basics of Cladistic Analysis by Diana Lipscomb

The Ultimate Course on Cladistics (Helsinki, Finland, Sept. 1999)


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