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Scarab Monographs
The Dynastine Scarab Beetles of Ecuador
(Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae)

by B. C. Ratcliffe, R. D. Cave and A. Paucar-Cabrera
Phileurine with parameres and labels
page sample

The 267 species of dynastine scarab beetles that occur in Ecuador are comprehensively reviewed. Keys, descriptions, geographic distributions, monthly adult activity, notes on natural history, illustrations, and distribution maps are provided for all species. Also included are synopses of the higher-level taxa, erroneous records, a glossary, and a species checklist for the country. New Country Records are reported for: Cyclocephalini: Aspidolea suturella (Höhne), A. testacea Höhne, A. theresae Dupuis, Cyclocephala confusa Endrödi, C. dichroa Dechambre,  C. flora Arrow, C. freyi Endrödi, C. guianae Endrödi, C. helavai Endrödi, C. hiekei Endrödi, C. huesingi Endrödi, C. inca Endrödi, C. jauffreti Dechambre, C. kahanoffae Martínez, C. krombeini  Endrödi, C. kuntzeniana Höhne, C. marginalis Kirsch, C. molesta Endrödi, C. munda Kirsch, C. nigrobasalis Höhne, C. octopunctata Burmeister, C. paraflora Martínez, C. peruana Endrödi, C. pugnax Arrow, C. rufa Endrödi, C. sardadebiae Dechambre and Duranton, C. signaticollis Burmeister, C. simulatrix Höhne, C. tylifera Höhne, C. variipenis Dechambre, C. vestita Höhne, C. viridis Dechambre, C. zurstrasseni Endrödi, Erioscelis columbica Endrödi, Stenocrates clipeatus Endrödi, S. ligneus Arrow, S. nasutus Dechambre, S. rionegroensis Ratcliffe, Surutu dytiscoides Martínez; Pentodontini: Euetheola bidentata (Burmeister) and Oxyligyrus zoilus (Olivier); Oryctini: Heterogomphus carayoni Dechambre, Gibboryctes impunctatus Dupuis, Megaceras philoctetes (Olivier), M. steubellii Kirsch, Megaceropsis quadridentatus Dechambre, Megaceropsis quadridentataus Dechambre; Phileurini: Amblyoproctus ocellatus Lamant-Voirin, Archophileurus ovis (Burmeister), A. peruanus Endrödi, Hemiphileurus blandinae Dupuis, H. rugulosus Endrödi, Homophileurus planus Dupuis, Paraphileurus venezuelensis (Ohaus), Phileurus excavatus Prell, P. toulgoeti Dechambre, P. voirinae Endrödi; Agaocephalini: Horridocalia delislei Endrödi.


Ratcliffe, B. C., R. D. Cave, and A. Paucar-Cabrera. 2020. The dynastine scarab beetles of Ecuador (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae). Bulletin of the University of Nebraska State Museum 32: 1–586.

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