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Checklist of the Dynastinae known to occur in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize as of
1 May 2012. Records are from actual specimens or literature citations. Synonyms are
not yet listed here, and this is why you might not see a certain name. Inasmuch as we
are still gathering and compiling data, the countries in which each species is found will
be added at a later date when this information is better known.



Ancognatha falsa Arrow                                   
Ancognatha manca LeConte           
Ancognatha quadripunctata Bates                       
Ancognatha rugulosa Endrödi (temporarily incertae sedis)           
Ancognatha sellata Arrow                                   

Aspidolea fuliginea Burmeister                                   
Aspidolea singularis Bates                                   

Cyclocephala aequatoria Endrödi                       
Cyclocephala alexi Ratcliffe & Deloya                       
Cyclocephala amblyopsis Bates                       
Cyclocephala arenosa Howden & Endrödi          
Cyclocephala barrerai Martinez                       
Cyclocephala batesi Delgado & Castaneda                            
Cyclocephala berti Delgado                                    
Cyclocephala brevis Höhne                                               
Cyclocephala caelestis Ratcliffe & Deloya           
Cyclocephala capitata Höhne                                   
Cyclocephala carbonaria Arrow                       
Cyclocephala casanova Ratcliffe & Cave                       
Cyclocephala comata Bates                                   
Cyclocephala complanata Burmeister                       
Cyclocephala concolor Burmeister                       
Cyclocephala confusa Endrödi                       
Cyclocephala curta Bates                                   
Cyclocephala deceptor Casey                                                                         
Cyclocephala erotylina Arrow                                   
Cyclocephala fasciolata Bates                       
Cyclocephala forcipulata Howden & Endrödi          
Cyclocephala freudei Endrödi                       
Cyclocephala fulgurata Burmeister                       
Cyclocephala gravis Bates                                   
Cyclocephala guttata Bates                                   
Cyclocephala halffteriana Martinez                       
Cyclocephala hirta LeConte                                   
Cyclocephala jalapensis Casey                       
Cyclocephala kaszabi Endrödi                       
Cyclocephala laminata Burmeister                       
Cyclocephala larssoni Endrödi                       
Cyclocephala ligyrina Bates                                                           
Cyclocephala longula LeConte                       
Cyclocephala lunulata Burmeister                                   
Cyclocephala lurida coahuilae Bates                       
Cyclocephala maculiventris Höhne                       
Cyclocephala mafaffa Burmeister                                   
Cyclocephala marginicollis Arrow                       
Cyclocephala melanocephala (Fabr.)                       
Cyclocephala melolonthida Ratcliffe & Cave           
Cyclocephala mesophylla Mora-Aguilar & Delgado                        
Cyclocephala monzoni Ratcliffe & Cave           
Cyclocephala multiplex Casey                       
Cyclocephala mutata Harold                                   
Cyclocephala ovulum Bates                                   
Cyclocephala pan Ratcliffe                                   
Cyclocephala parallela Casey (temporarily incertae sedis)                        
Cyclocephala pasadenae Casey                       
            (ssp. mexica Martínez)                       
Cyclocephala picopijola Ratcliffe & Cave   
Cyclocephala picta Burmeister                                   
Cyclocephala prolongata Arrow                       
Cyclocephala regularis (Casey) (temporarily incertae sedis)
Cyclocephala sanguinicollis Burmeister                       
Cyclocephala sexpunctata Castelnau                        
Cyclocephala sinaloae Howd & Endrödi                       
Cyclocephala sororia Bates                                    
Cyclocephala sparsa Arrow                                    
Cyclocephala stictica Burmeister                                                           
Cyclocephala vincentiae Arrow
Cyclocephala weidneri Endrödi            
Cyclocephala NEW SPECIES 1
Cyclocephala NEW SPECIES 2           

Dyscinetus dubius (Olivier)                                    
Dyscinetus laevicollis Arrow                                   
Dyscinetus laevipunctatus Bates                       
Dyscinetus morator (Fabr.)                                   
Dyscinetus picipes (Burmeister                                   

Mimeoma acuta Arrow                                   
Stenocrates bicarinatus Robinson                       
Stenocrates canuli Delgado                                   
Stenocrates duplicatus Endrodi                       
Stenocrates laevicollis Kirsch           
Stenocrates NEW SPECIES    



Anoplognatho dunnianus Rivers                       

Bothynus complanus Burmeister                                   

Coscinocephalus cribrifrons Schaeffer           
Coscinocephalus tepehuanus Morón & Ratcliffe             

Euetheola bidentata Burmeister                                   
Euetheola humilis Burmeister                                   
Euetheola subglabra Schaeffer                       

Gillaspytes janzeni Howden                                   

Orizabus amalgamatus Ratcliffe & Cave               
Orizabus batesi Prell                                                
Orizabus brevicollis Prell                                    
Orizabus clunalis (LeConte)                                   
Orizabus cuernavacensis Delgado & Deloya                       
Orizabus dechambrei Morón et al.                   
Orizabus delgadoi Ratcliffe & Cave                        
Orizabus endrodianus Morón                        
Orizabus epithecus Ratcliffe & Cave   
Orizabus fairmairei Bates                                    
Orizabus isodonoides Fairmaire                        
Orizabus ligyrodes Horn                                    
Orizabus mcleevei Warner                                    
Orizabus mezclus Ratcliffe & Cave               
Orizabus pyriformis (LeConte)                        
Orizabus ratcliffei Delgado                                    
Orizabus rawlinsi Dechambre                        
Orizabus rubricollis Prell                                   
Orizabus subaziro Ratcliffe                                   
Orizabus teamscaraborum Ratcliffe & Cave   
Orizabus thomasi Ratcliffe & Cave               
Orizabus tuberculatus Prell                                                
Orizabus vulcanicus Morón et al.                   
Orizabus NEW SPECIES                       

Oxygrylius peninsularis Casey                       
Oxygrylius ruginasus (LeConte)                        

Tomarus bituberculatus (Palisot de Beauvois)                       
Tomarus cicatricosus (Prell)                                   
Tomarus ebenus (DeGeer)                                   
Tomarus gibbosus DeGeer                                   
Tomarus gyas Erichson                                   
Tomarus laevicollis (Bates)                                   
Tomarus nasutus (Burmeister)                       
Tomarus relictus Say                                               
Tomarus sallaei (Bates)                                   
Tomarus selanderi Cartwright 




Coelosis biloba (L.)           
Enema endymion Chevrolat                                   
Enema pan (Fabr.)                                                

Heterogomphus chevrolati Burmeister            
Heterogomphus flohri (Kolbe)                       
Heterogomphus rugicollis Prell                       

Megaceras morpheus Burmeister           
Podischnus agenor (Olivier)                                    
Strategus adolescens Kolbe                                      
Strategus aloeus (L.)                                               
Strategus cessus LeConte                                   
Strategus craigi Ratcliffe                                               
Strategus fallaciosus Kolbe                                   
Strategus hipposiderus Ratcliffe                       
Strategus howdeni Ratcliffe                                   
Strategus jugurtha Burmeister                       
Strategus longichomperus Ratcliffe                       
Strategus moralesdelgadorum Delgado           
Strategus temoltzin Morón & Nogueira        

Tehuacania howdeni Endrödi                                   

Xyloryctes corniger Bates                                    
Xyloryctes ensifer Bates                                   
Xyloryctes furcatus Burmeister                                   
Xyloryctes guatemalensis Bitar & Delgado         
Xyloryctes howdenorum Delgado & Najera 
Xyloryctes lobicollis Bates                                   
Xyloryctes splendens Prell                                   
Xyloryctes telephus Burmeister                                   
Xyloryctes teuthras Bates                                   

Xyloryctes thestalus Bates           




Archophileurus clarionicus Morón                       
Archophileurus cribrosus LeConte                       
Archophileurus simplex (Prell)                       

Goniophileurus femoratus Burmeister
Hemiphileurus beckeri (Kolbe)                       
Hemiphileurus cavei Ratcliffe                       
Hemiphileurus cylindroides (Bates)                       
Hemiphileurus dechambrei Ratcliffe                       
Hemiphileurus dejeani (Bates)                       
Hemiphileurus euniceae Ratcliffe & Cave          
Hemiphileurus flohri (Kolbe)                                   
Hemiphileurus illatus (LeConte)                       
Hemiphileurus laevicauda (Bates)                       
Hemiphileurus microps (Burmeister)                       
Hemiphileurus punctatostriatus (Prell)           
Hemiphileurus quadridentatus Ratcliffe           
Hemiphileurus simplex (Prell)                       
Hemiphileurus warneri Ratcliffe                       

Homophileurus luedeckei Kolbe                       
Homophileurus quadrituberculatus (Palisot de Beauvois)  
Homophileurus tricuspis Prell                        

Phileurus didymus (L.)                                   
Phileurus limicauda Prell                                   
Phileurus truncatus (Palisot de Beauvois)                       
Phileurus valgus (Olivier)                                   
Phileurus voirinae Endrödi                          




Spodistes mniszechi (Thomson)                       
Spodistes monzoni Warner      




Dynastes grantii Horn                                               

Dynastes grantii Horn                                               
Dynastes hercules septentrionalis Lachaume                                   
Dynastes hyllus hyllus Chevrolat                                   
Dynastes hyllus moroni Nagai.                                   
Dynastes maya Hardy                                               

Golofa globulicornis Dechambre                       
Golofa incas Hope                                               
Golofa pizarro Hope                                               
Golofa pusilla Arrow                                                
Golofa tepaneneca Morón                                   
Golofa tersander Burmeister                                   
Golofa xiximeca Morón                                    

Megasoma cedrosa Hardy                                    
Megasoma elephas (F.)                                   
Megasoma lecontei Hardy                                   
Megasoma nogueirai Morón                                    
Megasoma occidentalis Bolívar et al.                       
Megasoma pachecoi Cartwright                       
Megasoma punctulatum Cartwright                       
Megasoma thersites LeConte                                    
Megasoma vogti Cartwright                         

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