This catalog is an extension of my research on the tribe Rutelini (Rutelinae), and specifically on the genus Pelidnota and genera closely related to Pelidnota. Phylogenetic analysis of the Rutelina (Jameson 1996, 1998) demonstrated the subtribes Pelidnotina, Antichirina, and Rutelina were paraphyletic. Some of the taxa from these artificial groups were members of one clade that included such genera as Pelidnota, Rutela, Macraspis, and Plusiotis. Pelidnota and its subgenera, previously placed in the subtribe Pelidnotina, were basal lineages in this clade. Based on phylogenetic analyses (Jameson 1998) and character analyses, Pelidnota and several related genera form a grade of taxa that are currently treated as genera or subgenera. Because of the poor understanding of this group and the lack of delimited genera, past workers have elevated species to the rank of genus, thus creating many monotypic genera. The generic limits for Pelidnota (approximately 120 species) have not been examined. As is typically the case in the Rutelinae, diagnoses for Pelidnota and related genera are based on a combination of characters that frequently contain one or more characters observed in groups outside the selected taxa. No clear synapomorphies are recognized for Pelidnota, its subgenera, or related genera.

Relationships of the genera need to be addressed by conducting phylogenetic analyses, and a new classification needs to be created based on the phylogeny. Genera will be re-structured into monophyletic groups, and each group (=genus) will be revised. Several of the current genera are probably not valid, and Pelidnota probably includes several distinct, monophyletic groups.

Keys to the genera of "Pelidnotina" were created by F. Bates (1904) and Ohaus (1934), and these provided a weak foundation for future work. Bates' work was published posthumously and was based almost exclusively upon specimens at the British Museum of Natural History. Because the collection did not contain all described taxa in the group, the revision and key are incomplete. As with other Rutelinae, keys to genera and species groups that were constructed by Ohaus (1934) are not adequate for identification. Couplets are unclear, asymmetrical, not based on characters that are consistent in the group, and not constructed in such a way as to enable identification. Also, species groups, as defined by Ohaus (1918, 1934), are a hodge-podge of species that share no common characters. As such, there is no key available that will allow identification of genera previously placed in the subtribe Pelidnotina. Hardy (1975) provided an excellent revision of the 26 species of Pelidnota (approximately 23% of total species in the genus) of North and Central America. The work stabilized the classification of North and Central American taxa and provided the only method of accurately identifying species in this region. This work identified characters important for identification and created the foundation for future work in the group. Subsequent to Hardy's revision, several new species of Pelidnota have been discovered in North and Central America. Keys to the Mexican species (Delgado et al. 1988) and Costa Rican species (Solis and Morón 1994) of Pelidnota are available. Hardy (1975) restricted his revision to only North and Central American species due to the large size of the group. He did not discuss relationships among the subgenera of Pelidnota, although he noted that the classification and subgeneric concept (as proposed by Ohaus) were in need of study.

This catalog lists the author and date of the description of the species and genera, type species of genera (indicated with an asterisk), subspecies and forms, and transfer of species to other genera. This catalog builds primarily on the work of Ohaus (1918, 1934) and Machatschke (1972, 1974).

Catalog of Pelidnota and Related Genera (Scarabaeidae: Rutelinae: Rutelini)
(* = Type species)

Genus CATOCLASTUS Solier, 1851
1 species

*C. chevrolati Solier 1851

Genus CHRYSOPHORA Serville, 1825
1 species

*C. chrysochlora (Latreille 1811)
Rutela chyrsochlora Latreille 1811
Melolontha chrysochlora (Latreille 1811) [new comb., Schonherr 1817]
C. chrysochlora (Latreille 1811) [new comb., Serville 1825]

Genus ECTINOPLECTRON Ohaus, 1915
1 species

*E. oryctoides (Ohaus 1905)
Homonyx oryctoides Ohaus 1905
E. oryctoides (Ohaus 1905) [new comb., Ohaus 1915]
syn. Pelidnota howdeni Hardy 1975 [syn. and new comb., Morón 1997]

Genus EREMOPHYGUS Ohaus, 1910
7 species

E. bicolor (Gutierrez 1951)
Heterocallichloris bicolor Gutierrez 1951
Platycoelia bicolor (Gutierrez 1951) [new comb., Machatschke 1965]
E. bicolor (Gutierrez 1951) [new comb., Smith and Jameson 2000]
E. calvus Gutierrez 1952
E. lasiocalinus Ohaus1915
E. leo Gutierrez 1951
E. pachyloides Ohaus 1925
E. pereirai Martinez 1960
*E. philippii Ohaus 1910

4 species

H. cribrata Ohaus 1913
*H. kuhnti Ohaus 1912
H. rostrata (Burmeister 1844)
Pelidnota rostrata Burmeister 1844
H. rostrata (Burmeister 1844) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
syn. H. viridana (Blanchard 1850)
Pelidnota viridana Blanchard 1850
H. viridana (Blanchard 1850) [syn. and new comb., Ohaus 1918]

H. ustarani Martinez 1967

Genus HOMONYX Guerin, 1839
6 species

H. bahianus Ohaus 1913
H. chalceus Blanchard 1850
spp. H. fuscocupreus Ohaus 1913
spp. H. santiagensis Ohaus 1913
spp. H. uruguayanus Ohaus1913
*H. cupreus Guérin 1839
H. elongatus (Blanchard 1842)
Rutela elongatus Blanchard 1842
H. elongatus (Blanchard 1842) [new comb., Blanchard 1850]
spp. H. peruanus Ohaus 1913
H. feyeri Ohaus 1913
H. planicostatus Blanchard 1850
spp. H. argentinus Gutierrez 1952

Genus HOMOTHERMON Ohaus, 1898
3 species

*H. bugre Ohaus 1898
H. praemorsus (Burmeister 1855)
Strigidia praemorsus Burmeister 1855
H. praemorsus (Burmeister 1855) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
syn. H. paulista Ohaus 1898 [syn., Ohaus 1918]
H. serrano Ohaus 1898

Genus HOPLOPELIDNOTA Bates, 1904
1 species

*H. candezei Bates 1904
syn. H. metallica (Laporte 1840)
Pelidnota metallica Laporte 1840
H. metallica (Laporte 1840) [syn. and new comb., Machatschke 1972]

Genus MECOPELIDNOTA F. Bates, 1904
4 species

*M. arrowi F. Bates 1904
M. cylindrica (Waterhouse 1876)
Pelidnota cylindrica Waterhouse 1876
M. cylindrica (Waterhouse 1876) [new comb., Arrow 1904]
M. obscura (Taschenberg 1870)
Pelidnota obscura Taschenberg 1870
M. obscura (Taschendberg 1870) [new comb., Arrow 1904]
M. witti Ohaus 1913

Genus MESOMERODON Ohaus, 1905
1 species

*M. spinipenne Ohaus 1905

Genus OOGENEIUS Solier, 1851
9 species

subg. Microogenius Gutierrez 1951 (type species: M. martinezi Gutierrez 1951)

Subgenus Oogeneius

O. castilloi Martinez et al. 1990/1991
O. chilensis Ohaus 1905
form O. barrosi Gutierrez 1949
O. gutierrezi Martinez 1994
O. lariosae Martinez 1953
*O. virens Solier 1851
O. arrowi Gutierrez 1949
O. kuscheli Gutierrez 1949

Subgenus Microogenius

O. gutierrezi Martinez 1953
O. martinezi Gutierrez 1951

Genus PARHOMONYX Ohaus, 1915
1 species

*P. fuscoaeneus (Ohaus 1905)
Homonyx fuscoaeneus Ohaus 1905
P. fuscoaeneus (Ohaus 1905) [new comb., Ohaus 1915]

4 species

P. limbatipennis (Ohaus 1905)
Hoplognathus limbatipennis (Ohaus 1905)
P. limbatipennis (Ohaus 1905) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
*P. maculatus (Gory 1833)
Areoda maculata Gory 1833
P. maculatus (Gory 1833) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
syn. P. bimaculata (Laporte 1840)
Pelidnota bimaculata Laporte 1840
P. bimaculata (Laporte 1840) [syn. and new comb., Ohaus 1918]
P. parvulus (Ohaus 1905)
Hoplognathus parvulus Ohaus 1905
P. parvulus (Ohaus 1905) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
var. P. rubripennis Ohaus 1930
P. mexicanus (Ohaus 1905)
Byrsopolis mexicanus Ohaus 1905
P. mexicanus (Ohaus 1905) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]

Genus PELTONOTUS Burmeister, 1847:47
19 species (Old World only)

..............P. adelphosimilis Jameson and Wada 2004: 14-16
..............P. brunnipennis Benderitter 1934: 255-256
..............P. deltamentum Jameson and Wada 2004: 18-19
..............P. fujiokai Jameson and Wada 2004: 19-21
..............P. gracilipodus Jameson and Wada 2004: 21-23
..............P. karubei Muramoto 2000: 9-11
..............P. kyojinus Jameson and Wada 2004: 25-26
..............P. malayensis Arrow 1910: 155-156
..............*P. morio Burmeister 1847: 75
..........................syn. Peltonotus morio sawaii Miyake 2000: 112-113 [syn., Jameson and
..........................Wada 2004]
..............P. nasutus Arrow 1910: 155
..............P. nethis Jameson and Wada 2004: 33-34
..............P. podocrassus Jameson and Wada 2004: 34-37
..........................unavail. name: Peltonotus peninsularis Miyake 2000: 113-115, 118 [see
..........................Jameson and Wada 2004]
..............P. pruinosus Arrow 1910: 156-157
..............P. rubripennis Miyake and Yamaya 1994: 42-43
..............P. silvanus Jameson and Wada 2004: 40-42
..............P. similis Arrow 1931: 612-613
..........................syn. Peltonotus sakaii Miyake and Yamaya 1994: 39-42 [syn., Jameson
..........................and Wada 2004]
..............P. sisyrus Jameson and Wada 2004: 44-46
..............P. suehirogarus Jameson and Wada 2004: 46-47
..............P. vittatus Arrow 1910: 157

Genus PELIDNOTA Macleay, 1819
119 species

syn. Aglycoptera Sharp 1885 (type species: A. lacerdae Sharp 1885) [syn., Ohaus 1934]
syn. Pelidnota (Pelidnotidia) Casey 1915 (type species: P. strigosa Laporte 1840) [syn., Hardy 1975]
subg. Odontognathus Laporte 1840 (type species: O. unicolor Laporte 1840) [subg., Hardy 1975]
syn. Strigidia Burmeister 1844 (type species: Pelidnota cuprea Germar 1824) [syn., Hardy 1975]
syn. Delipnia Casey 1915 (type species: Pelidnota belti Sharp 1877) [syn., Ohaus 1934]
syn. Ganonota Ohaus 1915 (type species: Rutela cuprea Germar 1824) [syn., Machatschke 1970]
subg. Chalcoplethis Burmeister 1844 (type species: Chrysophora kirbyi Gray 1832)
syn. Epichalcoplethis F. Bates 1904 (type species: Pelidnota velutipes Arrow 1900) [ syn., Arrow 1904]

Subgenus Pelidnota Macleay

Pelidnota (Pelidnota) notata Group

P. aeruginosa (Linneaus 1785)
Scarabaeus aeruginosa Linneaus 1785
P. aeruginosa (Linneaus 1785) [new comb., Ohaus 1900]
syn. P. americana (Herbst 1790)
Melolontha americana Herbst 1790
P. americana (Herbst 1790) [syn. and new comb., Burmeister 1844]
syn. P. glauca (Olivier 1789)
Melolontha glauca Olivier 1789 [new comb., Laporte 1840; syn., Blanchard 1850]
syn. P. prasina (Germar 1824)
Rutela prasina Germar 1824
P. prasina (Germar 1824) [new comb. and syn., Burmeister 1844]
spp. P. aeruginosa citripennis Ohaus 1900
spp. P. aeruginosa semiaurata Burmeister 1844
P. alliacea (Germar 1824)
Rutela alliacea Germar 1824
P. alliacea (Germar 1824) [new comb., Ohaus 1908]
P. ancilla F. Bates 1904
P. aurescens H. Bates 1888
P. virescens var. aurescens H. Bates 1888
P. aurescens H. Bates 1888 [new status, Ohaus 1913]
syn. P. virescens var. chalcopus H. Bates 1888 [syn., Hardy 1975]
P. caesarea (Gistel 1857)
Rutela caesarea Gistel 1857
P. caesarea (Gistel 1857) [new comb., unpublished]
P. centroamericana Ohaus 1913
P. chalcothorax Perty 1834
P. chiriquina F. Bates 1904
P. chlorana Erichson 1847
syn. P. herbacea Blanchard 1850 [syn., Ohaus 1918]
P. costaricensis H. Bates 1888
P. doblerae Frey 1967
P. fallax Gistel 1857
P. fracida F. Bates 1904
syn. P. testaceipes Casey 1915 [syn., Ohaus 1934]
P. frommeri Hardy 1975
P. fulva Blanchard 1850
syn. P. paraguayensis F. Bates 1904 [syn., Ohaus 1918]
spp. P. fulva championi F. Bates 1904
P. guatemalensis H. Bates 1888
P. costaricensis var. guatemalensis H. Bates 1888
P. costaricensis guatemalensis H. Bates 1888 [new status, Ohaus 1918]
P. guatemalensis H. Bates 1888 [new status, Hardy 1975]
syn. P. composita Casey 1915 [syn., Hardy 1975]
P. huetheri Howden 1998
P. jalapensis H. Bates 1888
P. virescens var. jalapensis H. Bates 1888
P. virescens jalapensis H. Bates 1888 [new status, Ohaus 1918]
P. jalapensis H. Bates 1888 [new status, Hardy 1975]
syn. P. recondita Delgado et al. 1988
P. laevissima Burmeister 1855
spp. P. laevissima cayennensis F. Bates 1904
spp. P. laevissima chiriquicola Ohaus 1913
P. lucae Leconte 1863
P. lugubris Leconte 1874
P. luridipes Blanchard 1850
P. notata Blanchard 1850
P. pallidipennis F. Bates 1904
P. parallela Hardy 1975
P. perplexa Hardy 1975
P. prasina Burmeister 1844
P. prolixa Sharp 1877
*P. punctata (Linneaus 1758)
Scarabaeus punctata Linneaus 1758
Rutela punctata (Linneaus 1758) [new comb., Olivier 1802]
P. punctata (Linneaus 1758) [new comb., MacLeay 1819]
syn. P. lutea (Olivier 1789)
Melolontha lutea Olivier 1789
P. lutea (Olivier 1789) [new comb., Burmeister 1844]
syn. P. lutea brevicollis Casey 1915 [syn. Hardy 1975]
syn. P. lutea hundsonica Casey 1915 [syn. Hardy 1975]
syn. P. lutea pallidipes Casey 1915 [syn. Hardy 1975]
syn. P. lutea texensis Casey 1915 [syn. Hardy 1975]
syn. P. oblonga Casey 1915 [syn. Hardy 1975]
syn. P. oblonga debiliceps Casey 1915 [syn. Hardy 1975]
syn. P. oblonga ponderella Casey 1915 [syn. Hardy 1975]
syn. P. tarsalis Casey 1915 [syn. Hardy 1975]
syn. P. punctata strenua Casey 1915 [syn., Hardy 1975]
syn. P. punctata brevis Casey 1915 [syn. Hardy 1975]
P. punctulata H. Bates 1888
P. runica (Gistel 1850)
Rutela runica Gistel 1850
P. runica (Gistel 1850) [new comb., unpublished]
P. sordida (Germar1824)
Rutela sordida Germar 1824
P. sordida (Germar 1824) [new comb., Burmeister 1844]
P. strigosa Laporte 1840
syn. P. strigosa var. alutacea H. Bates 1888 [syn., Hardy 1975]
syn. P. cuprascens Casey 1915 [syn., Hardy 1975]
syn. P. obscurella Casey 1915 [syn., Hardy 1975]
syn. P. refulgens Casey 1915 [syn., Hardy 1975]
P. teocuitlamayatli Delgado et al. 1988
P. tolimana Ohaus 1935
P. tristis (Gistel 1850)
Rutela tristis Gistel 1850
P. tristis (Gistel 1850) )[new comb., unpublished]
P. unicolor (Drury 1778)
Scarabaeus unicolor Drury 1778
P. unicolor (Drury 1778) [new comb., F. Bates 1904]
syn. P. druryana (Herbst 1790)
Melolontha druryana Herbst 1790
P. druryana (Herbst 1790) [new comb. and syn., Ohaus 1918]
syn. P. testacea Laporte 1840 [syn., Burmeister 1844]
form P. unicolor infuscata Ohaus 1913
spp. P. unicolor bonariensis Burmeister 1855
P. virescens Burmeister 1844
spp. P. virescens planipennis Ohaus 1918
P. virescens var. planipennis Ohaus 1918
P. virescens planipennis Ohaus 1918 [spp. status, Machatschke 1972]
syn. P. permicans Casey 1915 [syn., Hardy 1975]

Pelidnota (Pelidnota) lucida Group

P. fuscoviridis Ohaus 1913
P. lucida Burmeister 1844
P. polita (Latreille 1811)
Rutela polita Latreille 1811
P. polita (Latreille 1811) [new comb., Burmeister 1844]
syn. P. cupritarsis H. Bates 1888 [syn., F. Bates 1904]

Pelidnota (Pelidnota) burmeisteri Group

P. burmeisteri Burmeister 1844
syn. P. lacerdae (Sharp 1885)
Aglycoptera lacerdae Sharp 1885
P. lacerdae (Sharp 1885) [new comb. and syn., Ohaus 1918]
form P. burmeisteri tricolor Nonfried 1894
P. cyanitarsis (Gory 1833)
Rutela cyanitarsis Gory 1833
P. cyanitarsis (Gory 1833) [new comb., Burmeister 1844]
syn. P. nitidissima (Guerin 1834)
Rutela nitidissima Guerin 1834
P. nitidissima (Guerin 1834) [new comb. and syn., Ohaus 1934]
P. egregia Frey 1967
P. langsdorffi (Mannerheim 1829)
Rutela langsdorffi Mannerheim 1829
P. langsdorffi (Mannerheim 1829) [new comb., Burmeister 1844]
P. ludovici Ohaus 1905
syn. P. sumptuosa (Vigors 1825)
Rutela sumptuosa Vigors 1825
P. sumptuosa (Vigors 1825) [new comb., Laporte 1840; syn. Ohaus 1934]
P. luxuriosa Blackwelder 1944
syn. P. plicata (Gory 1842)
Rutela plicata Gory 1842
P. plicata (Gory 1842) [syn., Ohaus1918]
syn. P. smaragdina (Perty 1834)
Rutela smaragdina Perty 1834
P. smaragdina (Perty 1834) [syn., Ohaus 1918]

Subgenus Odontognathus Laporte

Pelidnota (Odontognathus) pulchella Group

P. acutipennis F. Bates 1904
Ganonota acutipennis (F. Bates 1904) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
P. adrianae Martinez 1982
P. belti Sharp 1877
Delipnia belti (Sharp 1877) [new comb., Casey 1915]
Ganonota belti (Sharp 1877) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
Strigidia belti (Sharp 1877) [new comb., Machatschke 1972]
P. cupripes Perty 1832
Ganonota cupripes (Perty 1832) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
syn. P. auripes Perty 1832 (lapsus, Perty; syn., Ohaus 1918]
P. discicollis Ohaus 1912
Ganonota discicollis (Ohaus 1912) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
P. dubia F. Bates 1904
Ganonota dubia (F. Bates 1904) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
P. gabrielae Martínez 1979
P. glaberrima Blanchard 1850
Ganonota glaberrima (Blanchard 1850) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
P. impressicollis Ohaus 1925
P. labyrinthophallica Solis & Moron1994
P. nadiae Martinez 1978
P. plicipennis Ohaus 1934
P. pubes Ohaus 1913
Ganonota pubes (Ohaus 1913) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
syn. P. hirsutiphallica Ratcliffe & Jameson 1989 [unpublished synonym]
P. pulchella (Kirby 1818)
Rutela pulchella Kirby 1818
P. pulchella (Kirby 1818) [new comb., MacLeay 1819]
Ganonota pulchella (Kirby 1818) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
form P. pulchella blanda Burmeister 1844
form P. pulchella fuscopunctata Ohaus 1913
form P. pulchella reducta Ohaus 1913
form P. pulchella scapularis Burmeister 1844
form P. pulchella sellata Ohaus 1913
form P. pulchella xanthogramma Perty 1832
P. purpurea Burmeister 1844
P. santidomini Ohaus 1905
P. similis Ohaus 1908
P. soederstroemi Ohaus 1908
P. striatopunctata (Kirsch 1885)
Odontognathus striatopunctata Kirsch 1885
Ganonota striatopunctata (Kirsch 1885) [new comb., Ohaus 1934]
P. testaceovirens Blanchard 1850
Ganonota testaceovirens (Blanchard 1850) [new comb., Ohaus 1934]
form P. testaceovirens vittipennis F. Bates 1904
P. xanthopyga Hardy 1975
P. xanthospila Germar 1824
syn. P. ornata (Perty 1832)
Rutela ornata Perty 1832
P. ornata (Perty 1832) [syn., Ohaus 1918]
form P. xanthospila rubiginosa Laporte 1840
P. yungana Ohaus 1934

Pelidnota (Odontognathus) ebenina Group

P. ebenina (Blanchard 1842)
Anomala ebenina Blanchard 1842
Ganonota ebenina (Blanchard 1842) [new comb., Ohaus 1818]
P. gounellei Ohaus 1908
Ganonota ggounellei (Ohaus 1908) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]

Pelidnota (Odontognathus) nitescens Group

P. nitescens Vigors 1825
Ganonota nitescens (Vigors 1825) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
syn. P. strigata (Mannerheim 1829)
Rutela strigata Mannerheim 1829
P. strigata (Mannerheim 1829) [new comb. and syn., Burmeister 1844]

Pelidnota (Odontognathus) quadripunctata Group

P. quadripunctata F. Bates 1904
Ganotota quadripunctata (F. Bates 1904) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]

Pelidnota (Odontognathus) cuprea Group

P. cuprea (Germar 1824)
Rutela cuprea Germar 1824
Strigidia cuprea (Germar 1824) [new comb., Burmeister 1844]
Odontognathus cuprea (Germar 1824) [new comb., F. Bates 1904]
Ganonota cuprea (Germar 1824) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
syn. P. unicolor (Laporte 1840)
Odontognathus unicolor Laporte 1840
Strigidia unicolor (Laporte 1840) [syn., Burmeister 1844]
form P. cuprea coerulea Ohaus 1913
form P. cuprea fulvipennis (Germar 1824)
Rutela fulvipennis Germar 1824
P. fulvipennis (Germar 1824) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
form P. cuprea nigrocoerulea Ohaus 1913
form P. cuprea rufoviolacea Ohaus 1913
P. vitalisi Ohaus 1925

Pelidnota (Odontognathus) rubripennis Group

P. riedeli (Ohaus 1905)
Odontognathus riedeli Ohaus 1905
Ganonota riedeli (Ohaus 1905) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
P. rubripennis (Burmeister 1844)
Strigidia rubripennis Burmeister 1844
Ganonota rubripennis (Burmeister 1844) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
form P. rubripennis rufipennis Waterhouse 1876

Pelidnota (Odontognathus) gracilis Group

P. gracilis (Gory 1834)
Rutela gracilis Gory 1834
P. gracilis (Gory 1834) [new comb., Burmeister 1844]
Ganonota gracilis (Gory 1834) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
P. tibialis Burmeister 1844
Ganonota tibialis (Burmeister 1844) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]

Pelidnota (Odontognathus) liturella Group

P. assumpta Ohaus 1928
P. bivittata (Swederus 1787)
Scarabaeus bivittata Swederus 1787
Rutela bivittata (Swederus 1787) [new comb., Schönherr 1817]
P. bivittata (Swederus 1787) [new comb., Burmeister 1844]
Ganonota bivittata (Swederus 1787) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
P. boyi Ohaus 1928
P. crassipes Ohaus 1905
Ganonota crassipes (Ohaus 1905) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
P. flavovittata Perty 1832
P. fusciventris Ohaus 1905
Ganonota fusciventris (Ohaus 1905) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
P. gabrielae Martinez 1979
P. liturella (Kirby 1818)
Rutela liturella Kirby 1818
P. liturella (Kirby 1818) [new comb., MacLeay 1819]
Ganonota liturella (Kirby 1818) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
P. matogrossensis Frey 1976
P. ohausi Frey 1976
P. sericeicollis Frey 1976
P. uncinata Ohaus 1930
Ganonota uncinata (Ohaus 1930) [new comb., Ohaus 1934]
P. vitticollis Burmeister 1844
Ganonota vitticollis (Burmeister 1844) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
P. zikani Ohaus 1922
Ganonota zikani (Ohaus 1922) [new comb., Ohaus 1934]

Subgenus Chalcoplethis Burmeister

Pelidnota (Chalcoplethis) rugulosa Group

P. glabra Ohaus 1922
P. instabilis Ohaus 1912
P. jolyi Martinez 1982
P. rubriventris Blanchard 1850
P. rugulosa Burmeister 1844
P. subandina Ohaus 1905
Chalcoplethis subandina (Ohaus 1905) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]

Pelidnota (Chalcoplethis) granulata Group

P. egana Ohaus 1912
P. granulata (Gory 1834)
Rutela granulata Gory 1834
P. granulata (Gory 1834) [new comb., Burmeister 1844]
Chalcoplethis granulata (Gory 1834) [new comb., Ohaus 1934]
P. osculatii Guérin 1855
P. pennata Ohaus 1912

Pelidnota (Chalcoplethis) cyanipes Group

P. bahiana Ohaus 1905
Chalcoplethis bahiana (Ohaus 1905) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
P. chamaeleon (Voet 1769)
Scarabaeus chamaeleon Voet 1769
P. chamaeleon (Voet 1769) [new comb., Burmeister 1844]
syn. P. equestris Laporte 1840 [syn., Burmeister 1844]
form P. chamaeleon ignita (Olivier 1789)
Cetonia chamaeleon ignita Olivier 1789
P. ignita (Olivier 1789) [new comb., Burmeister 1844]
P. chibchana Ohaus 1912
P. cyanipes (Kirby 1818)
Rutela cyanipes Kirby 1818
P. cyanipes (Kirby 1818) [new comb., Burmeister 1844]
P. hoefigi Ohaus 1912
Chalcoplethis hoefigi (Ohaus 1912) [new comb., Ohaus 1934]
P. kirschi F. Bates 1904
Chalcoplethis kirschi (F. Bates 1904) [new comb., Ohaus 1934]
form P. kirschi tenuistriata F. Bates 1904
P. viridicuprea Ohaus 1908

Pelidnota (Chalcoplethis) kirbyi Group

P. aciculata (F. Bates 1904)
Epichalcoplethis aciculata F. Bates 1904
Chalcoplethis aciculata (F. Bates 1904) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]
P. kirbyi (Gray 1832)
Chrysophora kirbyi Gray 1832
P. (Chalcoplethis) kirbyi (Gray 1832) [new comb., Burmeister 1844]
P. richteri Ohaus 1910
P. sanctijacobi Ohaus 1905
P. seriatopunctata Ohaus 1912
P. velutipes (Arrow 1900)
Epichacoplethis velutipes Arrow 1900
P. (Chalcoplethis) velutipes (Arrow 1900) [new comb., Ohaus 1918]

Pelidnota incertae sedis

P. emerita (Olivier 1789)
Cetonia emerita Olivier 1789
P. emerita (Olivier 1789) [spec. incertae, Ohaus 1918]
P. versicolor (Billberg 1820)
Rutela versicolor Billberg 1820
P. vericolor (Billberg 1820) [spec. incertae, Ohaus 1918=Rhinaspis aenea Billberg?]

Genus PSEUDOGENIATES Ohaus, 1910
2 species

P. intermedius Ohaus 1914
*P. richterianus Ohaus 1910
syn. P. richteri Ohaus 1934 [lapsus and syn., Ohaus 1934]

Genus XENOPELIDNOTA F. Bates, 1904
1 species

*X. anomala (Burmeister 1844)
Plusiotis anomala Burmeister 1844
Pelidnota anomala (Burmeister 1844) [new comb., Gemminger & Harold 1844]
X. anomala (Burmeister 1844) [new comb., F. Bates 1904]
syn. X. fuscoaenea (Blanchard 1850)
Pelidnota fuscoaenea Blanchard 1850
X. fuscoaenea (Blanchard 1850) [syn. and new comb., Ohaus 1918]
spp. X. anomala porioni Chalumeau 1985




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