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Classification .......Paraegidium Vulcano, Pereira, and Martínez, 1966

Major male P.costalimai
Minor male P.costalimai
Female P.costalimai
Photos by: Julia Colby
Distribution: Neotropical realm. Brazil and Peru.
Description: Length 8mm or less. Color brown, black, or grey. Males with clypeus reflexed and bifurcate. Females with clypeus slightly reflexed, not bifurcate. Pronotum densely punctate, punctures vermicular to U- shaped. In some males, pronotum on sides produced into two forward projecting horns; females never with horns. Elytra densely punctate; punctures U- shaped, with a single seta at center.
Biology: Life history is unknown.
Family ...........
Subfamily ......
Orphninae Overview
Orphninae Key

Larvae: The larval stage is unknown.


Revision or Synopsis:
Paulian, R.1984. Les Orphnidae Américains (Coléoptères, Scarabaeiodea). Annales de la Société Entomologique de France (N.S) 20:65-92.


Composition: 1 species


Paraegidium costalimai Vulcano, Pereira, and Martínez, 1966


Vulcano, M. A., Pereira, F. S., and A. Martínez. 1966. Notas sôbre Orphninae
Neotrópicos com descrição de um gênero e uma espécie novos (Coleoptera). Papéis Avulsos do Departmamento de Zoologia (Sâo Paulo) 18:251-260.


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