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Golofa tersander (Burmeister, 1847)
Podischnus tersander Burmeister, 1847 (original combination).
Mixigenus leander Thomson, 1859 (synonym).
Mixigenus barbicornis Fairmaire, 1878 (synonym).
Golofa dohrni Nonfried, 1890 (synonym).

Golofa tersander


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Distribution: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and El Salvador (Ratcliffe 2003; Ratcliffe and Cave 2006; Ratcliffe et al. 2013).


Identification: Endrödi (1985), Hwang (2011), Morón (1995), Ratcliffe et al. (2013)


Life History: Morón (1995) indicated larvae are found in rotten logs. Adults are nocturnal andattracted to lights. This species occur in tropical moist forests, tropical wet forests, and premontane wet forests at elevations of 60-1,000 meters. (Ratcliffe et al. 2013).


Larvae: Morón (1995) described the third instar larva.


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