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Golofa pizarro Hope, 1837
Golofa pizarro Hope, 1837 (original combination).
Golofa hastata Burmeister, 1847 (synonym).
Golofa imperialis Thomson, 1858 (synonym).
Golofa sallei Thomson, 1860 (synonym).
Golofa clavicornis Thomson, 1860 (synonym).
Golofa castaneus Voirin, 1994 (synonym).
Golofa tricolor Voirin, 1994 (synonym).

Golofa pizarro


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Distribution: Mexico and Nicaragua. (Hwang 2011; Morón 1995; Ratcliffe et al. 2013).


Identification: Hope (1837), Hwang (2011), Morón (1995), Ratcliffe et al. (2013).


Life History: Adults are readily attracted to lights at night. Adults are active year-round, but peak flight activity is apparently from July to September. At the Linda Vista soccer field in Parque Nacional Pico Pijol, Honduras, adults always arrived at the lights between 11 PM and 12AM. Moron (1995) found larvae in rotten stumps and adults on different shrubs and trees, including Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.) Steud. (Gabaceae), Quercus conspersa Benth., and Q. sartorii Benth. (both Fagaceae) in Mexico. This species lives in montane broadleaf and pine-oak forests between the elevations of 200-2,800 meters. (Ratcliffe et al. 2013).


Larvae: Morón (1995) described larvae.


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