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Golofa incas Hope, 1837
Golofa incas Hope, 1837 (original combination).
Golofa championi Bates, 1888 (synonym).

Golofa incas


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Distribution: Guatemala and Mexico (Chiapas). (Hwang 2011; Morón 1995; Ratcliffe et al. 2013).


Identification: Endrödi (1985), Hwang (2011), Morón (1995), Ratcliffe et al. (2013).


Life History: Adults are readily attracted to lights at night. Adults are active year-round but peak flight activity is apparently from July to September. This species lives in tropical montane broadleaf forests and pine-oak forests between the elevations of 850-2,800 meters. (Ratcliffe et al. 2013).


Larvae: Not described.


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