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  ........Dynastes satanus Moser, 1909

Dynastes satanus Moser, 1909
male, dorsal view

Dynastes satanus Moser, 1909
female, dorsal view

male, lateral view

female, lateral view
Photos by Mathew R. Moore

Distribution: Localized in the Bolivian Yungas, La Paz, and Cochabamba Province (Lachaume 1985).





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Description: Pronotal horn in males without tubercles or small horns either side of large horn. Pronotal horn with dense pubescence extending from venter of pronotal horn over anterior face of pronotum. Protarsomere 5 thickened in males, venter of protarsomere 5 with stout spinules in both sexes. Pronotum and elytra black in both sexes. Clypeus in females narrowly rounded at apex.


Biological Data: Dynastes satanus is infrequently seen and a limited number of specimens have been collected since D. satanus was described by Moser (1909). Biological and ecological information on this species is non-existent. However, in order to supply the highly coveted specimens for collections around the world, Japanese beetle enthusiasts are rearing D. satanus in captivity.


Temporal Distribution: Unknown.


Larvae: Not described.


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