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  .......Gymnetis MacLeay, 1819

.......Gymnetis MacLeay 1819: 152.

  .......Paragymnetis Schürhoff 1937: 56-80.
  .......Gymnetoides Martinez 1949: 14.
Classification .......Gymnetosoma Martinez 1949.
Family........... Subfamily......


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Gymnetis bajula (Olivier).
Photo by J. Orozco
Distribution of Gymnetis.

Distribution: Southern United States through Argentina.


Composition: G. bajula (Olivier), G. bomplandi Schaum, G. bouvieri Bourgoin, G, carbo Schürhoff, G. caseyi Casey, G. cerdai Antoine, G. coturnix Burmeister, G. chalcipes Gory and Percheron, G. chevrolati Gory and Percheron, G. flaveola (Fabricius), G. flavomarginata Blanchard, G. hebraica (Drapiez), G. hieroglyphica (Vigors), G. holosericea Voet, G. lanius (Linneaus), G. margineguttata Gory and Percheron, G. pantherina Gory and Percheron, G. pardalis Gory and Percheron, G. poecila Schaum, G. prothoracica Thomson, G. pudibunda Burmeister, G. pulchra (Swederus), G. punctipennis Burmeister, G. rufilatris Illiger, G. sculptiventris Thomson, G. stellata (Latreille), G. strigosa (Olivier), G. subpunctata Westwood,and G. xanthospila Schaum.


Larvae: Described for G. sallei (as G. flavomarginata sallei).
G. chalcipes (as Paragymnetis chalcipes), G. hebraica (as G. hebraica difficilis), G. holosericea, and G. pantherina.


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