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  ........Cotinis Burmeister, 1842

........Cotinis Burmeister 1842: 247, 254.

........Latemnis Thomson 1880: 268.
........Cotinorrhina Schoch 1895: 26.


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Cotinis lebasi Gory and Percheron.
Photo by J. Orozco
Distribution of Cotinis.

Distribution: United States through northern South America.


Composition: C. aliena Woodruff, C. antonii Dugés, C. barthelemy Gory and Percheron, C. beraudi Delgado, C. boylei Goodrich, C. columbica Burmeister, C. fuscopicea Goodrich, C. ibarrai Deloya and Ratcliffe, C. impia (Fall), C. laticornis Bates, C. lebasi Gory and Percheron, C. lemoulti Antoine, C. mutabilis (Gory and Percheron), C. nitida (Linnaeus), C. olivia Bates, C. orientalis Deloya and Ratcliffe, C. pauperula Burmeister, C. polita Janson, C. pokornyi Deloya and Ratcliffe, C. producta Bates, C. pueblensis Bates, C. punctatostriata Bates, C. rufipennis Bates, C. sphyracera Deloya and ratcliffe, C. subviolacea (Gory and Percheron), and C. viridicyanea (Perbosc).


Larvae: Described for C. nitida, and C. mutabilis.


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