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  ........Blaesia Burmeister, 1842
Classification ........Blaesia Burmeister, 1842: 615.
Family........... Subfamily......


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Blaesia atra Burmeister.
Photo by J. Orozco
Distribution of Blaesia.

Distribution: Uruguay, Argentina and Bolivia.


Composition: B. atra Burmeisterand B. subrugosa Moser.


Larvae: Described for B. atra.


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RATCLIFFE, B.C. 2010. A review of the Blaesiina (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Cetoniinae, Gymnetini). In: Ratcliffe, B.; Krell, F.-T. (eds) Current advances in Scarabaeoidea research. ZooKeys 34: 105–128.

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Author: Jesús Orozco
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