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Odontopsammodius Gordon and Pittino 1992
Odontopsammodius Gordon and Pittino 1992: 265.

Odontopsammodius cruentus (Harold)
Photo by Paul Skelley.


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Type species. Psammodius cruentus Harold 1867: 282, by original designation.

Diagnosis. Body length 3.0-4.6 mm, elongate to somewhat globose, reddish-brown to almost black, dorsal surfaces glabrous, some with lateral fringe of setae. Head surface granulate, frontal suture indistinct. Clypeus toothed each side of median emargination. Pronotum lacking grooves, some with up to 2 grooves indicated by punctures. Elytra elongate, base margined; intervals moderately convex. Metafemur robust. Metatibia not or weakly curved, usually greatly widened at apex. Metatarsi shortened, basal metatarsomere triangular.
Distribution. Southeastern North America to South America, and West Indies.
Composition. Odontopsammodius contains 12 species.

Odontopsammodius aenictus
(Cartwright 1955: 456) [Psammodius], Bolivia (Cochabamba).
Odontopsammodius armaticeps (Fall 1932: 190) [Psammodius], FL,GA-USA.
Odontopsammodius atopus (Cartwright 1955: 457) [Psammodius], Bolivia (Cochabamba).
Odontopsammodius brunneus (Balthasar 1961: 126) [Psammodius], Argentina (Rio Segundo).
Odontopsammodius cameneni (Chalumeau 1976: 128) [Psammodius], Dominica, Guadeloupe, Puerto Rica.
Odontopsammodius chipiririi (Cartwright 1955: 454) [Psammodius], Bolivia (Cochabamba).
Odontopsammodius cruentus (Harold 1867: 282) [Psammodius], SE-USA, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile.
                  = Psammodius shermani Cartwright 1946: 89.
Odontopsammodius decuiella (Chalumeau 1981: 229) [Psammodius], Cuba.
Odontopsammodius fimbriatus (Cartwright 1955: 458) [Psammodius], Bolivia (Cochabamba).
Odontopsammodius formosus (Cartwright 1955: 453) [Psammodius], Mexico (Nayarit).
Odontopsammodius insulcatus (Schmidt 1916: 102) [Psammodius], Brazil (Sta. Catarina).
Odontopsammodius mapirii (Cartwright 1955: 459) [Psammodius], Bolivia (La Paz).

Life History. Adults of some species are collected at light. Some have been sifted from sand.

Larvae. Unknown.

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Gordon, R. D., and R. Pittino. 1992. Current status of the American genera and species of Psammodiini (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae). Coleopterists Bulletin 46: 260-273.
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Author: Paul Skelley

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