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Leiopsammodius Rakovic 1981
Leiopsammodius Rakovic 1981: 16.


Leiopsammodius indefensus
Leiopsammodius ocmulgeei
Harpootlian, Gordon and Woodruff
Photo by Paul Skelley.


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Type species. Psammodius laevicollis Klug 1845: 42, by original designation.

Diagnosis. Body length 2.4-3.8 mm, elongate to oval, reddish-brown to almost black, dorsal surfaces glabrous. Head surface granulate, frontal suture usually distinct, eyes present. Clypeus rounded each side of median emargination. Pronotum with vestiges of up to 2 transverse grooves, absent on some; some with a partial 3rd groove (up to 4 weak ridges). Elytra elongate, base not margined; intervals flattened to moderately convex; striae 9 merging with 10 near apex, interval 10 reaching apical quarter of elytra. Metafemur robust. Metatibia not or weakly curved, greatly widened at apex. Metatarsi shortened, basal metatarsomere triangular. Hind wing present or reduced.
Distribution. Nearly Cosmopolitan.
Composition. Worldwide, Leiopsammodius contains approximately 38 species, 14 of which occur in the New World.

Leiopsammodius acei
Harpootlian, Gordon and Woodruff 2000: 297, coastal NC+SC-USA.
Leiopsammodius bolivianus (Cartwright 1955: 436) [Psammodius], Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina.
Leiopsammodius deyrupi Harpootlian, Gordon and Woodruff 2000: 294, FL-USA.
Leiopsammodius globatus (Petrovitz 1972: 163) [Psammodius], Brazil (Sao Paulo).
Leiopsammodius indefensus Schmidt 1909: 60 [Psammodius], Chile.
                  = Leiopsammodius chilensis Rakovic 1990: 5.
Leiopsammodius inflatus (Cartwright 1955: 440) [Psammodius], Argentina (Buenos Aires).
Leiopsammodius malkini (Cartwright 1946: 90) [Psammodius], FL-US.
Leiopsammodius manaosi (Cartwright 1955: 437) [Psammodius], Brazil (Amazonas).
Leiopsammodius martinezi (Cartwright 1955: 449) [Psammodius], Brazil (Rio de Janiero).
Leiopsammodius ocmulgeei Harpootlian, Gordon and Woodruff 2000: 296, GA-USA.
Leiopsammodius placidus (Schmidt 1911: 38) [Psammodius], Argentina.
Leiopsammodius santaremi (Cartwright 1955: 438) [Psammodius], Brazil (Para).
Leiopsammodius soledadei (Petrovitz 1961: 130) [Psammobius], Brazil.
Leiopsammodius viti (Chalumeau 1983: 83) [Psammodius], Guadeloupe.
Life History. Most species are rarely collected. A few are attracted to lights (L. malkini, L. ocmulgeei). Others have been sifted from sandy soils or dunes.
Larvae. Unknown.

Cartwright, O. L. 1955. Scarab beetles of the genus Psammodius in the Western Hemisphere. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 104(3344): 413-462.
Harpootlian, P. J., R. D. Gordon, and R. E. Woodruff. 2000. Review of the genus Leiopsammodius Rakovic (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae, Aphodiinae: Psammodiini) in America north of Mexico with descriptions of three new species. Coleopterists Bulletin 54(3): 292-299.
Rakovic, M. 1990. Review of the genus Leiopsammodius Rakovic on the world basis with a key to species from the Western Hemisphere and description of a new species (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Aphodiinae). Annotationes Zoologicae et Botanicae 197: 1-18.

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