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Australaphodius Balthasar, 1942
Aphodius (Australaphodius) Balthasar, 1942: 203

Australaphodius frenchi (Blackburn)
Photo by P. Skelley.
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Aphodiinae Overview

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Type species. Australaphodius melbournicus Balthasar 1942: 35 (= Aphodius frenchi Blackburn 1892), by monotypy.
                = Aphodius (Phaeaphodius) Schmidt 1922: 208, Cassis and Weir
                1992: 90 (partim).

Diagnosis. Body length 3.0-4.0 mm, elongate, robust, black. Head smooth, with or without frontal tubercles. Clypeus rounded each side of middle. Pygidium unmodified. Metatibia with apical spurs set close, not separated by articulation of metatarsus. Inner apex of male basal metatarsal segment with tooth.
Distribution. Africa; introduced into Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Chile and USA (CA).
Composition. Worldwide, Australaphodius contains 2 species, one of which is introduced in the New World.

Australaphodius frenchi
(Blackburn 1892: 35) [Aphodius], Africa, Australia, CA-USA and Chile (introduced).
                  = Aphodius ambiguus Boheman 1858: 51 [not Aphodius
                  bimaculatus “var” ambiguus Mulsant 1842: 202].
                  = Aphodius brevitarsis Peringuey 1901: 388 [not Aphodius
                  brevitarsis Reitter 1894: 186].
                  = Aphodius (Australaphodius) melbournicus Balthasar 1942:
                  = Aphodius tarsalis Schmidt 1907: 201.
Life History. Unknown.

Larvae. Unknown.


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Smith, A. B. T., and P. E. Skelley. 2007. A review of the Aphodiinae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) of southern South America. Zootaxa 1458: 1-80. [http://unsm-ento.unl.edu/platycoeliams.htm]

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Author: Paul Skelley

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