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Merogyrus Gordon and Skelley 2007
Merogyrus Gordon and Skelley 2007: 117.

Merogyrus rotundiceps (Fall)
Photo by P. Skelley.
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Aphodiinae Overview

Aphodiinae Key

Aphodiini Key
Type species. Aphodius rotundiceps Fall 1907, by original designation.

Diagnosis. Body length 4.0 mm, elongate, parallel-sided, robust, black. Head smooth, slightly dulled, lacking tubercles, narrowly semicircular, frontal lobes small. Clypeus lacking teeth, lacking median transverse ridge, weakly emarginate at middle. Pronotum lacking lateral fringe of setae; basal edge with marginal line. Scutellum triangular. Elytral intervals lacking distinct punctures. Legs short, stout. Meso- and metatibiae with large median-lateral tooth. Metafemur nearly semicircular. Metatibial apical spinules short, equal in length.

Distribution. Eastern North America.
Composition. Merogyrus contains a single species.

Merogyrus rotundiceps
(Fall 1907: 244) [Aphodius], NC-USA.
Life History. Unknown.
Larvae. Unknown.

Gordon, R. D., and P. E. Skelley. 2007. A monograph of the Aphodiini inhabiting the United States and Canada (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae). Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute 79: 580 pp.

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Author: Paul Skelley

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