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Flaviellus Gordon and Skelley 2007
Flaviellus Gordon and Skelley 2007: 333.

Flaviellus perfimbriatus (Gordon)
Flaviellus phalerioides (Horn)
Photo by P. Skelley.
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Aphodiinae Overview

Aphodiinae Key

Aphodiini Key

Type species. Aphodius phalerioides Horn 1870: 131, by original designation.

Diagnosis. Body length 3.8-6.0 mm, elongate, flattened; generally pale brown or yellowish brown often with variably developed maculations. Head smooth, lacking tubercles and transverse ridge. Clypeal margin lacking teeth, not notably thickened. Pronotum with lateral fringe of long setae; base distinctly bordered. Elytra lacking setae laterally and on declivity. Protibial spur of male not projecting beyond apical protibial tooth. Metatibial apical spinules long and unequal.
Distribution. North America into Mexico.
Composition. Flaviellus contains 6 species.

aggregatus (Gordon 1977: 276) [Aphodius], UT-USA.
Flaviellus gordoni (Ratcliffe 1988: 87) [Aphodius], NE-USA.
Flaviellus perfimbriatus (Gordon 1977: 278) [Aphodius], CO-ID-NV-OR-WY-USA, Mexico.
Flaviellus phalerioides (Horn 1870: 131) [Aphodius], E-USA.
Flaviellus phalerius Gordon and Skelley 2007: 342, E-USA.
Flaviellus subtruncatus (LeConte 1878: 457) [Aphodius], AZ,NM to ND-USA.
               = Aphodius rehni Robinson 1938: 109.
Life History. Large numbers have been collected at light in areas of sandy soils, none in dung.
Larvae. Unknown.

Gordon, R. D., and P. E. Skelley. 2007. A monograph of the Aphodiini inhabiting the United States and Canada (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae). Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute 79: 580 pp.

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Author: Paul Skelley

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